Baselworld 2011: Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon


This is the new Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon, and what a looker it is.  The aptly named watch features a whopping 20mm diameter tourbillon which dominates the entire lower half of the watch.  Franck Muller claims this it the largest tourbillon ever incorporated into a wristwatch.  The highly skeletonized watch is awe inspiring with its sweeping curves and arcs, the focal piece being the elegant “M” (and the somewhat hard to see “F”) that sits directly on top of the tourbillon cage — lest you forget this piece is anything other than a Franck Muller!

Frank Muller Giga Tourbillon

43.7mm x 59.2mm white gold case with black PVD treatment (14mm thick), frequency:  18,000/hr, 10 day power reserve

close up of the tourbillon with its arcing “M” (update:  an astute commenter pointed out that there is also a “F” above them “M” — thanks!)


  • Anneke Short

    The “M” on the tourbillon is actually an “FM”, with the F sitting directly above the M, though I’ve always found this version of the logo a bit odd…

    • Perpetuelle

      Hi! Right you are, and big thanks for pointing that out. Though I should have known better, it is hard to see that “F”!

      • Anneke Short

        No problem :) It took me a few attempts at figuring out why they had only used the M before I saw it!

  • Kristian Haagen

    This is the first FM that has caught my eye – in a good way – for ages! Looking forward to actually try it on my wrist.

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