Franc Vila FVa35 SuperSonico 5 Minute Repeater

An extreme looking minute repeater…

It was in 2008 that Franc Vila launched his Superligero Concept collection.   The common element in all the timepieces introduced under this collection is the use of Lightnium, an aluminium-lithium based alloy used in state of the art aeronautical engineering — generally speaking, the alloy is super light but super strong.  According to Vila, Lightnium also offers good “sonority” aka it makes the 5 minute repeater mechanism sound very nice.   Like all Franc Vila watches, these watches are very extreme, but cool, looking (have you seen the EVOS 8 Estrella Roja?).  But for the right personality (and bank account–prices start around $15,000 and up from there), they will be a perfect match.  This particular model is the FVa35 SuperSonico 5 Minute Repeater.  It has a gnarly looking skeletonized dial that chimes every 5 mins.  Not sure on price, but probably well past $30,000.  Limited to 88 pieces.

Be sure to check out my other coverage of Franc Vila watches, here.  I hope to one day meet Franc Vila the man — he seems like a very passionate watch guy.

Also — stay tuned for my video review of the Franc Vila FVa8 Chronograph — Dog days of summer and other activities have it on the backburner for now, but just as soon as I allocate the time to edit the video I will get it posted.

  • David James

    Built to perfection, Franc Vila has again nailed a masterpiece with the Franc Vila FVa35 SuperSonico 5 Minute Repeater. Like all Franc Vila watches, it blends the classic tradition know-how with modernity. I like watches that provide a classic look, however, Franc Vila watches provide a subtle modern look combined with the latest technology in watches. I also like the fact that it produces a very limited number of watches that makes you at one among a few to own a Fran Vila watch of a particular model. Check out the Franc Vila Evos 8 Cobra Watch, which is my personal favorite. The form and the contours just blow me away. I am in awe.

  • David James

    The Franc Vila FVa35 SuperSonico 5 minute repeater certainly does turn heads; the sleek design would definitely appeal more to the young enthusiast. For the lack of an appropriate word the watch is just downright cool. It gives off a very futuristic feel like Guy Ellia watches as compared to the classic settings of Chronoswiss and Martin Braun collections. Their frank design pushes one to fall under the extreme “love” or “hate” category. But for its price, you better be madly in love with the watch!