Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra “Estrella Roja”

Now here’s a commemorative piece!

Spanish-inspired, Swiss-made brand FRANC VILA today announced a special edition of its successful “Cobra” collection to celebrate the first Spanish football World Cup win.   It is an awesome looking watch!  Christened  “Estrella Roja” (red star), this release is limited to 88 pieces (as are most of FV’s models) and features the Spanish squad colors and a star at the 1 o’clock position commemorating the triumph.

Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra “Estrella Roja”

“Esprit Unique” shape case/bezel in steel and carbon-fiber, chronograph with big date, water resistant 300 meters, carbon fiber dial; comes on a black crocodile leather strap with red + yellow stitchings (rubber strap also included)

The Spanish founder of the Swiss brand Mr. Franc Vila himself went on the record:

I am extremely happy with the achievement of the spanish football squad in South Africa. This victory has been a dream for a long time in Spain and I am very proud of the football players that have made this dream a reality. I decided to create a special collection commemorating our first football championship with a star in place of the number one, and I hope to add more stars in the future.

Very nicely done, Mr. Vila!

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    How maaaaaaaaaach???????