F.P Journe Quantième Perpétuel

FP Journe Quaiteme Perpetuele duo

Just a few months after the debut of his constant-force Chronometre Optimum, Francois-Paul Journe unveils his latest, the Octa Quantième Perpétuel (‘perpetual calendar’ to us English-speakers).  The watch is very special and rare in that it is “instantaneous” — i.e. all the calendar displays advance simultaneously and in the blink of an eye.  It will be offered in a 40mm or 42mm case, platinum or rose gold.  Journe’s watches are very distinct in their DNA vs. other watches, and this watch keeps very much with the Journe “look”.  This said, not all connoisseurs find Journe’s look amenable to their tastes; for me it can be hit or miss.  As for this perpetual calendar, I must say it is beautiful and elegant in every way.

FP Journe Quaiteme Perpetuel Platinum Pt

As you can see, the Quantième Perpétuel dial is efficient in its display of the date (including the date, day of week, and month); there is also a power reserve display on the left-side of the dial and leap years at the very center of the dial (very subtle).  Note also the small steel ring which frames the inner portion of the dial.

FP Journe Quaiteme Perpetuel Rose Gold

The day and month are displayed through two apertures located below 12 o’clock; the double-pane, instantaneous jump-date is located above 6 o’clock.  Unlike many perpetual calendars which are quite complicated to set to the proper date and time (and God forbid you should led the power reserve run down!), Journe has endowed this piece with 3-position crown which can be used to set the time, day and date.  The months is set via a hidden level beneath the 1 o’clock lug — a feature similar to that which Blancpain started incorporating in some of its pieces a couple years ago (although not a good angle, you can see this on the caseback image below).

FP Journe Quaiteme Perpetuel Platinum

FPJ Caliber 1300.3

21,600bph/3Hz, movement crafted of solid gold (rotor, bridges and baseplate) (as all Journe Calibers), 2K gold guilloché winding rotor

FP Journe Quaiteme Perpetuel CasebackThis is Journe’s second perpetual calendar, and will replace the Octa Calendrier which will be discontinued.   Part of this is due to Journe’s limited annual production, about 900 pieces per year.  One in, one out kinda deal.  Price is expected to be CHF 70,200 in Pt, 65,900 in Rose gold.

FP Journe Quantieme Perpetuel Models