• JS

    The new design is way better. More mature and will appeal more people. Almost looks like a Richard Mille though.

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com/ Perpetuelle

      Thanks for your comment. I do see some Richard Mille in this design, but in a much less sophisticated way.

  • goju1

    The presentation of these watches (digital) is somewhat radical for me and I have to get use to the format/layout.rom an engineering perspective there is a lot to admire/appreciate.
    Regarding the transition of the models, I can’t decide but the Mille ‘elements’ are too apparent and move away from the uniqueness of the original.
    The original also displayed seconds, which I have not detected in the second models, so there is some ‘feature’ loss.
    I certainly agree about the labeling of Hours & Minutes – that is rather dumb.

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  • coops

    Agree about the hours and minutes labeling being unnecessary.
    I prefer the prototype crown design also.
    Get rid of the ‘Devon’ while they’re about it – just a discrete laser etching on the back of the case.

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