Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44

Celebrating 50 years…

The Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 you see here is a second new model recently announced by Corum as the brand celebrates the 50 year anniversary of its iconic watch design.  You would be correct in recalling that this watch is very, very similar to the Admiral’s Cup Split Seconds 44 that I showed you in late June 2010 – the main differences being that this model a) lacks the split seconds module and b) has the Corum “key” shape on the short end of the seconds hand (see close-up image below).   Production will be limited to 955 pieces in both white (753.671.20/F371 AA52) and black (753.671.20/F371 AN52) dialed versions.  The movement is an automatic COSC chronograph.  Comes on a rubber strap and is water resistant to 100 meters.  I would guess price is in the $5,000 range.

he 50th anniversary of its iconic Admiral’s Cup model