Concord C2 Chronograph

Without much fanfare, Concord introduced this new C2 Chronograph last week at Baselworld.  The C2 is an entirely new collection for Concord, and I am very excited and glad to see Concord moving more towards the mainstream watch consumer with this new series.  I’ve always found the Concord C1 watches to be a bit too brash and bulky, and so while the new C2 maintains some of the C1 DNA, it is sleeker and more appealing.  Price-wise, the new Concord C2 is also more accessible than its C1 brothers, but at $6,500 in black PVD (show below) and just under six-thousand in stainless steel, the price is a bit  way too  proud.  Overall, though, a nice new offering from Concord, and I look forward to seeing more watches in its new C2 Collection.

Concord C2 Chronograph

43mm black PVD-treated stainless steel, ETA 2894-2 automatic mechanical movement, red-accented black vulcanized rubber strap with folding clasp in black PVD-treated stainless steel

From a more nuanced perspective, really like the lug-free/pin-free design — by screwing the strap directly on to the case you have a much more secure system that with traditional watch pins.

  • Don

    I like the look of the C2 – technical yet sophisticated, but holy hell 6 grand?! Very expensive watch considering. The band is an interesting innovation and I’m sure there is a lot of quality but will this watch retain it’s value like so many of the brands we have come to know and respect? Lets just say I won’t be assembling the funds to purchase this one.

    • Perpetuelle

      Don, I don’t blame you! The price is way too high, led by the fact that the movement is nothing special. This watch will sell really well for about half the price or less.
      Kyle, editor

  • Vidar Mathisen

    looks cool that one, if i could afford one, i wouldnt been able to make up my mind theres to much cool stuff in that price range


    I owned a few Concords from the Saratoga,benington and my all time favorite the Delirium Power reserve but as much as I love Concord for being different to other brands this one doesn’t really do it for me.

    • Perpetuelle

      @741803fad45c9527c2ec43ce75375f90:disqus Right on!  Glad you like your Concords. Thanks for dropping by Perpetuelle and commenting!
      Kyle, Editor