Concord C1 EternalGravity

Another barely tolerable piece unique…

Wow.  Flamboyant?  Yes.  Over the top?  Yes.  Impressive? Maybe, but how to get past the flamboyance!  Would a man actually wear this 48.5mm chunk of gold and diamonds?  That’s all I can think of at the moment.  I need a return to simplicity!  Here’s the new Concord C1 EternalGravity:

48.5mm white gold case, mechanical hand-wound movement, flyback chronograph, tourbillon, power-reserve, 18.5mm thick

403 gems totalling 25.31 carats — black diamonds, white diamonds, carnelians


  • Randy

    I’m sorry but this watch borders on the ugly, I don’t care how technically sophisticated it is. I would NOT wear it.

    • Kyle

      I do not disagree with you, Sir!

  • Speedmaster

    That’s a crime against nature. 😉

  • David

    That is quite grotesque…hideous. What kind of person would wear that?

  • Russell

    Reminds me of an ice cream cake!


    I’ve seen this watch personally without the diamonds and is a wonderful piece I could just imagine this one the the watch with just the tourbillon is worth over $300,000 and it was limited so this must be a company owned one of a kind but just like the rest of the ones who posted here including my self don’t have the money to buy such a thing

    • Perpetuelle

      I’m sure it was pretty cool to see such a piece in person!  Thanks for dropping in to Perpetuelle!
      Kyle, Editor