Bubba Watson’s Watch Sees Match Play

Wear it with pride, Bubba!

When I first showed you Bubba Watson’s new wristwatch back in January – a high-tech, ultralight beauty from esteemed Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille – I knew that it was inevitable that golf fans and the broader media would eventually figure out that this was no ordinary timepiece.  I also had a good sense (based on Rafael Nadal’s similar experience with his $525k Richard Mille RM07) that the majority of fans would be hatin’ on Bubba when they figured out he was wearing such an awesome and expensive watch.  How right I was.  During his valiant effort at this weekend’s Accenture Match Play Championship, Bubba gave us several good looks of his Richard Mille RM038 watch on his wrist – and many fans were also shell-shocked when they learned that Richard Mille does not make ordinary watches for ordinary men…

As I alluded to above, the watch is creating somewhat of a stir amongst golf fans.  The $525,000 price tag is what seems to irk people the most — I’ve read snide comments on various websites, blogs and Twitter about Bubba and his watch — but most of them are uninformed.   There is certainly no surprise here as I saw the exact same thing happen with Rafael Nadal and his $525,000 Richard Mille RM027.  The reality is that Bubba Watson is wearing the watch as a result of his sponsorship by Richard Mille — that is, he did not pay $525k for the watch.  But even if, the man makes nice coin and he can spend it on whatever he wants — so back off, haters!


Almost forgot — here’s the video of Bubba Watson wearing his Richard Mille.  Yea, its brief and yea we don’t get much of a look, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Particularly astute watch fans will also appreciate the partially visible “Richard Mille” logo on the left shoulder of Bubba’s sweater — I know I do:

(please pardon the advertisement – its NBC Video…)

(also, be sure to move your mouse-cursor off the video so that the control menu does not obscure the view)

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  • Bgrog76

    I like it and wish I had one!! Haters are all over just looking to hate so in my opinion Bubba Watson works hard serves the lord and deserves it!! Go away haters.

  • http://twitter.com/Hitmanhil Ronnie Hillis

    Bubba’s the man, …..nice watch !!

  • Brian

    How could a watch be worth half a million dollars??? I don’t get it.

    • GoJu

      Same way a painting can or a bottle of wine can cost 5,000 Euro. It’s all about art or in the eye of the beholder.

      • Chris

        No, a painting is a unique item. Richard Mille will keep squeezing these out for as many rich idiots can write checks.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=527275752 James ßond

          @d3ddaa83dd87dc0309fba64f79f9f1e8:disqus  Brian @7b1615efccc8ca71f5026d802933b1f0:disqus  Chris

          Are either of you familiar with the details of haute horlogerie? I ask because these watches are not of the typical variety you would find at the average high-end luxury watch retailer.

          Sometimes months will goe in to just making one watch of similar caliber. In addition to that, only a master watchmaker is qualified to make a watch like these and at some company’s only one master watchmaker makes the watch from start to finish.

          And I should add, these watches are hand-made, not produced on an assembly line.

        • goju1

          One does not need to be rich to be an idiot as you seem to (so well) demonstrate. The people who buy an RM watch know what they are buying; whereas it would seem that you don’t. Paintings are not necessarily ‘one offs’ as you assume e.g. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

  • Ootnfoo

    Just like with Nadal I think Bubba’s a great fit for RM. It was fun watching Bubba this weekend and I’ll keep rooting for him in the future regardless of what kind of watch he’s sporting, but it was fun watching him rock that watch I must admit. I thought it was also very cool to see the interest in his watch from the other golfers before hitting the course.

  • Ddcoffman776

    A normal working man will never own one

  • mitch52

    Bubba is a professing Christain. Using the old WWJD cliche (What Would Jesus Do) I doubt Jesus would have been sporting a watch that’s sole purpose is to promote vanity even if the local pharasees paid for it and were sponsoring him.

  • Dean

    Those of you complaining about Bubbas watch are probably the same ones supporting Obamas spread the wealth philosophy. You’re jealous of anyone who is successful because you are probably a failure yourselves. A show of hands of those who woud turn down a free watch of ANY value.

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