Bubba Watson’s Watch Sees Match Play
by Kyle Stults on February 27, 2011

Wear it with pride, Bubba!

When I first showed you Bubba Watson’s new wristwatch back in January – a high-tech, ultralight beauty from esteemed Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille – I knew that it was inevitable that golf fans and the broader media would eventually figure out that this was no ordinary timepiece.  I also had a good sense (based on Rafael Nadal’s similar experience with his $525k Richard Mille RM07) that the majority of fans would be hatin’ on Bubba when they figured out he was wearing such an awesome and expensive watch.  How right I was.  During his valiant effort at this weekend’s Accenture Match Play Championship, Bubba gave us several good looks of his Richard Mille RM038 watch on his wrist – and many fans were also shell-shocked when they learned that Richard Mille does not make ordinary watches for ordinary men…

As I alluded to above, the watch is creating somewhat of a stir amongst golf fans.  The $525,000 price tag is what seems to irk people the most — I’ve read snide comments on various websites, blogs and Twitter about Bubba and his watch — but most of them are uninformed.   There is certainly no surprise here as I saw the exact same thing happen with Rafael Nadal and his $525,000 Richard Mille RM027.  The reality is that Bubba Watson is wearing the watch as a result of his sponsorship by Richard Mille — that is, he did not pay $525k for the watch.  But even if, the man makes nice coin and he can spend it on whatever he wants — so back off, haters!


Almost forgot — here’s the video of Bubba Watson wearing his Richard Mille.  Yea, its brief and yea we don’t get much of a look, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Particularly astute watch fans will also appreciate the partially visible “Richard Mille” logo on the left shoulder of Bubba’s sweater — I know I do:

(please pardon the advertisement – its NBC Video…)

(also, be sure to move your mouse-cursor off the video so that the control menu does not obscure the view)

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