Breitling TOPGUN Chronomat 44 Watch

“The real TOPGUN watch carries the Breitling signature.”  Surely such a strong statement has nothing to do with IWC’s Top Gun watches revealed this past January (Top Gun Perpetual Calendar or Miramar Top Gun chrono)!    Breitling’s new TOPGUN watch will be officially unveiled in about a week at Baselworld 2012, featuring the *official* TOPGUN seal on the dial of the watch as well as on the caseback.  The watch is a Breitling Chronomat 44.  I am not quite sure about the movement, Breitling says it is a “100% Breitling high performance movement” — whatever that means (I think they are implying a B01 manufacture movement but it isn’t really clear).  At the end of the day, I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it is hard not to sense the rivalry here given that IWC preempted Breitling this year.  As to who has the best and most official TOP GUN watch this year well I’m sure this debate has just begun.

Breitling TOPGUN Chronomat 44 Watch

limited edition 500 pieces

44mm steel case, automatic mechanical movement “100% Bretiling high performance” (?)

dial close:


  • goju1

    Well, I’m starting to wonder what merit there is in watches that have associations with people and organizations. I think that it is a marketing trend that has passed it’s “use by date”.
    A watch should stand on it’s own and not have contrived associations. If it’s truly a good watch then it does not need them!

    • Perpetuelle

      @goju1:disqus a very good point you raise.  If it is a truly special piece (distinct design, movement or otherwise) then I am more appreciative.  But as is often the case, the only thing “special” is that the dial or caseback is adorned with some small logo or symbol.