Breitling Emergency II

Baselworld 2013… Breitling Logo

Breitling Emergency II Yellow and Black

Breitling fans have been waiting for this one, and it is now here:  the new Breitling Emergency II.  It has some new features including a rechargeable battery, a dual frequency transmitter, and an integrated antenna system.  The original Breitling Emergency first debuted in 1995 and operated on the 121.5 MHz international air distress frequency.  The Emergency II is the big release from Breitling this year, though they do have some other pieces you’ll want to see, including a gorgeous Transocean Chronograph Perpetual Calendar (I’ll get to that soon).

As the first ever wristworn dual frequency PLB, the new Emergency II establishes itself as a safety and survival instrument in all distress situations on land, at sea and in the air.  It’s all nicely explained in the video below.

Case size is 51mm and made of Titanium

Breitling Emergency II Yellow Dial

Breitling Emergency II Antenna

Breitling Emergency II Caseback

Breitling Emergency II Antenna Crown