Breitling Colt Chronograph II (2nd Look, More Variations)

In my first look just a couple days ago, I noted that the redesigned Breitling Colt models (“Breitling Colt II” ) seemed a bit lacking in personality — at least based on the first images I saw.  Here’s a few more looks at the Breitling Colt Chronograph II — you can see what a difference a change in dial color(s) and/or strap can make.  The white dial with black sub-dials looks the best to me.  But in general I’m lukewarm on the entire lineup (though I do like this bezel better than the old bezel (which had rider tabs)).  What do you think?

Breitling Colt Chronograph II

blue dial / steel bracelet

white dial / steel bracelet

white dial / leather strap

black dial / rubber strap

black dial/steel bracelet

A few more angles of the black dial/steel bracelet model:

  • Transocean

    Sometimes I just want a watch to show the correct time. I have a couple of COSC automatics, but now I am looking for a very accurate quartz.

    Leaving out radio controlled watches and some watches where the high precision claim doesnt seem to be true, I am left with few options. The candidates I have found to have the quality I am looking for are Grand Seiko quartz, Citizen Chronomaster and Breitlings quartz.
    The first two brands sells smaller watches, stylish, but if you want some size, and a chronograph, there seems to be no other watch out there?

    (I have read about Bulova Precisionist, but according to owners on forums, this brand claim accuracy much higher then it delivers in the real world.)