Bespoke Parmigiani Transforma Chronograph Watch

Though most brands are not fans of making one-off, personalized watches, a select number of high-end brands a offer a bespoke, or highly customized, watch service to their best clients and collectors.  I’ve previewed instances of such watches over the years — the Vacheron Constantin Philosophia is one such example; the Patek Philippe Ref 5016 minute repeater perpetual calendar tourbillon with red and black dial is another.  Parmigiani Fleurier is another such high end manufacture that provides individual adaptation of its pieces.  The brand recently featured on its blog a recent customization, created for a customer in Cologne, Germany.

A bespoke Parmigiani Transforma Chronograph


The watch is a Transforma model, a very special type of watch which can be transformed from a wristwatch into a pocket watch, and also a table clock.  Three watches in one.  The watch you see here was customized with special dial colors.  Check out more at Le Blog Parmigiani.

Due to the exclusive nature of such pieces and their owners, many of them are never seen in public, save for the some such as the aforementioned Patek which show up at auction on rare occasion.  So it is always a nice surprise to get a look at bespoke pieces such as this.