Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback Chronograph Ref 10088

Last week Baume & Mercier announced its first ever limited edition men’s timepiece for the US market, a gorgeous Capeland flyback chronograph with copper-colored dial.  The Capeland Flyback Chrono Ref 10088 will hit select Tourneau locations this October, a 250 piece limited edition series.  The 10088 LE joins the original Capeland Flyback Chrono production models which debuted in 2011 (steel case/Ref 10006-$7,500 and pink gold/Ref 10007-$19,500) and 2012 (black dial/steel case/Ref 10068-$7,500).  Despite the meaningfully higher price point, Baume & Mercier seems to have winner on its hands here, and I think it is a wise decision to move forward with a limited edition piece, itself priced only modestly higher at $7,900).

A beautiful watch, yes, particularly with those blue hands and copper-colored dial.  Though I do think the dial would look even better without a white date window in it.   More importantly, however, is one small detail on the caseback — and for me it is enough to keep me from purchasing the watch.  Why?  I elaborate, below.

Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback Chronograph Ref 10088

Limited edition 250 pieces

44mm steel case, automatic mechanical flyback chronograph (La Joux-Perret calibre 8147-2) with a blue tachymeter and black telemeter

While I can get past the date window, I was quite disappointed to see the caseback of this watch.  Perhaps an insignificant detail to some, this is a real turn-off for me:  a lack of individual numbering of the 250 pieces (as it appears below, you can see the caseback reads “One of 250”).   Why, oh why?  I have roundly and often criticized IWC Schaffhausen for doing the same thing in recent years; whether a cost saving maneuver, laziness, or whatever, I abhor this practice and wish it would stop (barring a rational justification, which I remain open to hearing).

If I am purchasing a limited edition piece (let alone one for $8,000 or more), I damn sure want and expect it to be individually numbered.  Proud limited edition pieces should be worthy of such a thing, shouldn’t they?  Not some generic, meaningless notation.  Is that too much to ask?


So as for this piece and my wallet, I’m truly sorry to say:  so close, yet so far away.