Baselworld 2010: Concord C1 Code Chronograph

After reinventing itself over the past few years under former President Vincent Perriard (now running TechnoMarine) and others, the distinct look of Concord’s C1 collection is what I identify the brand with.  While I’ve never been a fan of the case shape/design (purely a matter of personal preference), I did admire Concord’s pushing of the proverbial envelope with its concept watches such as the C1 QuantumGravity.  So what will Concord deliver in 2010 under the new leadership of Alexander Grinberg?  To be seen!  But for now here is one new watch that the brand will be showing at Baselworld 2010, the C1 Code Chronograph.  My comments/thoughts below the pics.

Key specs: Case Black PVD steel, 44 mm diameter, 3.3 mm sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on both sides, mathematical formulae engraved in the crystal, PVD steel and black rubber crown, Water-resistant to 200 m, Black carbon fibre dial

Maybe it is because I am not a mathematician, but I don’t get the appeal of this “code”.  While the engraving of an algebraic formula/cryptic mathematical equation directly into the crystal of the watch is novel, it seems to make the (already busy) dial hard to read and I wonder what is the real allure of this for a potential buyer?  I see none.  Sure it might look cool up close and in person, but I can see this novelty wearing off rather quickly.  It seems to be a bit gimmicky without any real meaning.  What say you?

  • Olivier Muller

    Wonderful case & global design, and If I must admit that formulas engraved are really original, Iit’s not my cup of tea. Too bad, the chronograph is really wonderful. I just hope there will be a version without it, one day.

    • Kyle

      Makes me wonder – maybe the “engraved” sapphire crystal concept may hold promise for other designs?

      • Olivier Muller

        Well, I think I’ll need another glass of 12 y-o Speyside Whisky, in that case !

  • The Rake

    It’s like going in to a Harvard bar with equations on the wall and isht. Yeah, don’t really get the code, kinda ruins a sweet watch. I really like the new Concord designs though. The C1 QG Tourbillon is amazing.

  • Manu

    If you don’t understand combinatorics and summatories, then you won’t appreciate the watch.

    • Perpetuelle

      Hahah — nice — so there is some “inside baseball” on the dial of this watch, eh? Does it “say” anything interesting?

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