B.R.M Birotor Watch

BRM Birotor

An independent watchmaking brand that I’ve been a fan of for a few years now is B.R.M.  Their watches are almost exclusively designed around the “racing” theme — and they do a great job in this regard.  Though I have a lot to learn about the brand and its history, the “racing” concept is, I would say, its core DNA.   After featuring some of their more colorful (“England”, “Gulf“) and innovative (Multra-light Makrolon) models of recent years (among many I have featured), I was glad to be able to meet B.R.M representatives at Baselworld 2013 and spend some time with several of their watches.  The one I want to highlight today is the B.R.M Birotor model, as shown here.

According to B.R.M, the Birotor represents 30 months of testing and prototyping.   The case is made of titanium (~40mm x 48mm) and has a slight curvature to it.  The top and bottom sapphire glass is curved as well, and there are also glass inserts on the side of the case which offer additional views of the movement.

BRM Birotor Side of Case

The lugs are adjustable to three different positions; I am not sure if a special tool is required to make adjustments.

If you look closely you can see that the movement is suspended by four carbon-fiber brackets and in each corner of the case are shock absorbers with cone-shaped springs.

BRM Birotor Watch

As you might have guess, the watch has two rotors.  They are set on double ceramic rotor bearings and joined by a differential.  The rotor weights (the little red circles) are made of tantalum.  Due to the largely open-worked dial, you can see the rotors from both the back and the dial side, but they are most appreciated from the back:

BRM Birotors seen from caseback

Although the Birotor appears to be a new model — at least that’s the impression I get when reading B.R.M’s website, their press archive does show an almost identical model that was released circa 2007 (though appears to be in precious metal case).  I’ll try to get some more clarity on this, as well as a hint on pricing.  Whatever its status new or old, I find this to be a neat watch.  I am a huge fan of how B.R.M executes on the racing theme.


As an aside, given all the cool watches B.R.M makes, I am left scratching my head over the lack of coverage from the online watch media (not sure about print) — I am about the only English-language blogger who I see writing about their watches.  Then again, in my experience B.R.M does not really seem to care about courting online press, which may be why no one really writes about them.  Which is absolutely fine if the brand sees no value in doing so.   But as for me, well I like their watches, and I will continue to highlight them here on Perpetuelle from time to time.

You can check out more at http://www.brm-manufacture.com/homepageGb.html