Artya “Son of a Gun” Watch
by Kyle Stults on August 24, 2011

Artya is a niche brand headed by the very independent and creative thinker Yvan Arpa (formerly of Romain Jerome, Hublot, etc.).   Artya produces one-of-a-kind watches that are very intentionaly positioned as “haute horlogerie d’Art” — basically Artya watches are as much art as they are watches.  Anyway, at the request of a collector, Artya created this “Son of a Gun” watch containing real bullets.  The bezel and inner dial are designed with crosshairs which represent as a gun sight (or a target), the inner dial showcases six 6mm Flobert bullets suspended in the dial in a “revolver” like fashion, and the rotor is enhanced with 38mm cartridges. Cool, eh?

Artya “Son of a Gun” Watch

Unique Piece

Flobert 6mm Antique Parlor Pistol with 10 1/2″ barrel

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