Arnold & Son HMS1 Collection

Arnold & Son, a La Chaux-de-Fonds based Swiss brand which carries on the name of famed English watchmaker John Arnold (note the “London 1764″ dial notation), introduces a quartet of new, limited edition pieces to its HMS1 collection.  While some of you may recall the much more complicated Arnold DBS I examined a couple months back, these HMS1’s reflect a much simpler though equally design philosophy.

Pictured above are the HMS1 with 40mm steel case and anthracite dial (Ref. 1LCAP.S02A.C111S) and the HMS1 with 40mm steel case and white dial (Ref. 1LCAS.S01A.C111S), priced at $10,095 and $9,885 respectively.  Red and white gold editions with 40mm case are also available.  These pieces contain Arnold & Son’s gorgeous in-house manual wind Caliber A&S1001 which clocks in at a mere 2.67mm and with an 80 hour power reserve via two power barrels.  I have not seen these pieces hands-on, but as you can see from the images below, they do look very beautiful both out- and inside.  All in all, I must say that these pieces look quite compelling for the money.  Quite compelling.  Check ’em out.

Arnold & Son HMS1 in rose gold case (Ref. 1LCAP.S04A.C110A)

$15,165, Limited edition 250 pieces

Caliber A&S1001 grey finish

Arnold & Son HMS1 in rose white case (Ref. 1LCAP.S04A.C110A)

$16,640 Limited edition 100 pieces

Caliber A&S1001 blue screws

You may also be interested to know that this is one of thirteen calibers from Arnold’s manufacture — a number that very few of even the most prestigious Swiss brands can match.   This is driven by its unique philosophy by which it develops a new movement for every single model.

Did You Know?

John Arnold was one of the most inventive watchmakers of his day and held patents for a detent escapement, bimetallic balance and helical balance spring .  Arnold’s “No. 36″ was the first timepiece to be called a chronometer, a term reserved for unusually precise watches to this day.

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