Armin Strom Gravity Date

Armin Strom Gravity Date Earth

Now that I’ve shown you the big stars of the 2014 Armin Strom lineup (I’ll link to them below if you aren’t familiar), let’s take a look at a new addition to the Gravity collection.  This year Armin Strom has added a date model to the lineup, equipped with the new manufacture caliber ADD14, an automatic mechanical movement with dial-side viewing of the micro-rotor and other mechanics.  The Gravity Date is a natural line extension and will nicely complement the time-only Armin Strom Gravity.

For comparison, here is the Armin Strom Gravity time-only model — on my wrist at Baselworld 2013 (see my hands-on report on the Armin Strom Gravity here):

Armin Strom Gravity Water

The difference is all in the sub-dial — what was previously small-seconds is now also nicely integrated with the date & 24 hr counter:

Armin Strom Gravity Date Collection

The new Gravity Date is available in each of Armin Strom’s 4 themes as shown above (Earth, Air, Water Fire).

The adjustment of the date is greatly facilitated by a day/nite (24-hours) display situated on the same axis.

Armin Strom Gravity Date Earth Dial Detail

43.4mm x 13mm case

Gravity Date Air

Armin Strom Gravity Date Air

Gravity Date FireArmin Strom Gravity Date Fire

Gravity Date WaterArmin Strom Gravity Date Water

The new manufacture Cal ADD14 — Armin Strom’s 12th in-house caliber — retains the general design principles of the Armin caliber family — dial-side rotor/winding mechanism, and on the back plate and bridges with hand-engravings corresponding to each element (Earth/Air/Fire/Water).  The regulator is a screwed balance with Breguet overcoil spring, oscillating at 18,800 bph.  Armin Strom does a wonderful job with their calibers, presenting them to the wearer on both dial side and caseback and with a wonderful symmetry and finishing.

Armin Strom Caliber ADD14

Armin Strom Caliber ADD14 back side

Armin Strom Caliber ADD14 dial side

Each model is limited to 100 pieces.  Priced around $22,000 in steel (Earth & Water), $25,500 titanium (Air), and $37,700 in red gold.


Now, as far as the headliners of the Armin 2014 collection, if you haven’t yet seen the superlative One Week Skeleton or the ultra-sporty Racing Manual (with dia-side bridges machined from an F1 engine block), click through now and check them out.  And speaking of F1, don’t miss my Day with Armin Strom and Team Marussia at 2013 F1 Austin>>>

Wrist Shot Armin Strom Gravity from Marussia Garage

Armin Strom Gravity on My Wrist in the F1 Team Marussia Garage