Alpina Startimer Pilot Watches

Today I am highlighting several Alpina Starimer Pilot’s watches, all new for 2011.  The entire range looks great (except the Regulator which I do not really care for) and I applaud Alpina for a job well done on these watches — they make a great addition to the brand’s lineup.  Generally speaking, Alpina targets the “accessible luxury” segment (which I consider to be watches in the $1,000 – $3,000 range, give or take) and these watches are no exception.  Think of it this way:  these new Alpina Startimer Pilot’s watches look great but won’t cost you and arm and a leg like an IWC Pilot’s watch will.  Prices start at $1,150 for the basic 3-handed automatic and go up to $2,795 for the chronograph model on a steel bracelet.  Personally I prefer the look of the 2-register chronograph (last photo below).  How about you?

Alpina Startimer Pilot Watches

44mm satin-finished stainless steel case, dial marked by “sword” style hands,  all models are available with leather strap or metal bracelet

The Startimer series starts with a basic three-hand + date:

Next in line is the 3-hander + small date sub-dial, and with an automatic mechanical caliber AL-710, a “manfacture” movement (developed and produced in-house by Alpina):

Another In-house caliber, the AL-950, powers the Startimer Pilot Regulator — but this particular model does not look attractive to me in the least bit:

Last but not least, a well-balanced 2-register automatic chronograph version (cal. AL-860) — my favorite of the bunch:

USA prices are as follows:

Startimer Automatic on strap: $1150, on bracelet: $1350
Startimer Manufacture (date hand at 6) on strap: $2195, on bracelet $2395
Startimer Manufacture Regulator on strap: $2395, on bracelet $2595
Startimer Chronograph on strap: $2595, on bracelet $2795

  • Delamere

    Agree that the 2-register version looks the best. I haven’t seen an Alpina in the flesh (Australia not the biggest market) but these represent exceptional value and it’s great to see them producing their own movement too. But 44mm is too big for my tastes, would prefer to see in 40mm for a slightly more vintage look.

    • Perpetuelle

      Hi @Delamere — yea, I tend to agree with you on the size — but for me 42mm would be ideal for a watch such as this. Thanks for dropping in to comment!
      Kyle, editor

  • Ssanchez

    doesn’t say if the 2-register is also an in-house movement? or is it just based on an ETA? anyone know????

  • Wanjak

    I am looking forward to purchasing this Al-710 Startimer, and Also get confused by Al-950 /1engraved on its movement.
    As of my knowledge, the regulator, Al-950 might share the same movement. HAVE you got the answer yet? Is there any difference? This will be so useful for me.