Xetum Tyndall Limited Edition Watch Review

Since showing you the Xetum Tyndall Limited Edition Watch last month I’ve had the chance to review the watch hands on, courtesy of Xetum.  As noted in the review, Xetum is a startup watch brand (~2 yrs old) based out of San Francisco, CA.  In general I like what I see from the brand and I was glad to finally get one of its watches to review.  The Xetum Tyndall Limited Edition watch price is $1,595 (limited editon 100 pieces), direct from www.xetum.com.  Here is my review, as well as a few pictures I took.   If you have any questions about the watch, please feel free to leave a comment/question below and I will reply.  Thanks for watching!

Xetum Tyndall Limited Edition Watch Review

Xetum Tyndall Limited Edition Watch Photos

  • Ootnfoo

    I have really wanted to see the Xetum watches up close and personal…thank you for the review! Do you know how well the cork lined strap holds up? It seems to me that it would not perform well under different conditions, but I do not know much about the process nor have I researched.

    Overall I really like the Xetum line of watches and particularly their price point. It really allows someone to get a unique, cool watch without spending serious monies. Thanks again for showing us this line!

    • Jeff Kuo

      Ootnfoo, thanks for your comment — it’s great to meet you. The cork lined strap has similar comfort and durability as traditional strap linings. If we can help answer any other questions, please feel free to drop us a line at service @ xetum.com!

      Thanks again Kyle, for taking the time to review the Limited Edition!

      Jeff Kuo
      Founder & designer

  • Jordan

    Nice review. So fun to see such a familiar piece. Since I saw this review pop up on Perpetuelle and it also happened to be on my wrist at the time. Get it? At the time? Yeah that was bad, sorry. Thanks for the review and thanks again Jeff. What a great company! Scoop up a Xetum quickly people. They are fantastic.

  • http://skx007.com Daniel Jackson

    Hmm, interesting piece. Not really my taste but it’s a nice watch none the less. Great video review btw.

  • http://www.playmobilzoo.co.uk playmobil zoo

    The watch is simple. But with the use of this, you will not get lost in time. Whether you are more comfortable with 12 hour rule or the 24 one, you can still use it.

    • Kyle McH.

      xetum, i would like to come visit your store. where exactly are you located? please email 
      kyle_mchenry@yahoo:disqus .com. I think a tour would shed alot of light and help get you some online publicity. 

  • http://www.lilwaynewatch.com Casio Watch

    It’s a classical watch.

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  • http://www.buyforlessonline.co.uk/Playmobil/Zoo/ Playmobil Zoo

    Great review,this watch is really nice simple yet have elegance and more on that hand made which you will know that it have a good quality.

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  • stutaz

    I have been considering the purchase of a Xetum for the longest time. I am so excited by the release of this limited edition. I was able to reserve #19(date of my birthday). Have a small collection of some very nice watches, so looking forward to adding this to my collection. Love the price point and the quality of what is offered.

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