Watch Review: Paul Picot Technicum

First In Watches Ticks Into 2010 with a Review of the Paul Picot Technicum (Reference number P7018G20.771 BM)

Happy 2010 watch fans – it is time to start off the year on the right foot (wrist?) with a watch review! As regular readers know, here on First In Watches my “takes” are almost exclusively on the best and most unique watches money can buy, and my review today – that of the Paul Picot Technicum – is no exception.  Let’s go right to the video where I cover most of what needs to be said and give you a good look at this very nice watch.  Below the jump I’ll share some pictures and a few parting thoughts.  Enjoy:

Before I get into some follow up thoughts, let me first thank my friends at Grenon’s of Newport for providing the watch you just got an inside tour of.  They know how to stock ’em up there in Newport!  Get on Grenon’s email list (sign up at the website) and you’ll see what I mean.  Second – just a small reminder that I am not compensated in any way by the AD or the brand for this nor any other review I post on this blog – my reviews are solely my own.  Independent, opinionated and forthright is what you get here at First In Watches.  Now, back to the watch…



To me, the best elements of this particular Paul Picot Technicum are its blue “Breguet style” hour and minute hands, its lovely guilloche patterned solid silver dial, and last but not least its rattrapante (or “split second”) function.  The rattrapante is one of my favorite complications, and although it does not have a whole lot of practical application in this digital era, it sure is a heck of a lot of fun to play around with and it makes for some great photo opps!




What else?  Actually, after seeing how splendid this watch is on the video you might be surprised to know that my first impression of it was a bit “ho-hum.”  This is because the watch actually has a rather unassuming presence (in contrast to, say, the Armin Strom Blue Chip Automatic Skeleton, another watch I recently reviewed).  It is relatively small – about 39mm case size – and also (as noted in the review) the watch does not have a bezel.  For these 2 reasons I did not find the watch to have a very signficant “wrist presence”.   Is this good or bad?  Neither, really!  While this will turn many of you away, keep in mind that there are 2 sides to every coin, my friends.  Yes, this watch is likely to be perfect for those of you who have the “big money” and prefer the finest things in life – but at the same time (sometimes or all the time) you prefer not to flaunt your wealth, maintain a relatively low profile, and take great satisfaction in knowing that you are wearing a highly complicated, $18,000 mechanical watch on your wrist and the guy standing next to you at the crosswalk hasn’t a clue.  Is this you?  You know who you are :-)  and if so, I highly recommend this watch to you.



Are you still wondering who Paul Picot is?

I want to make a couple points here as I do not believe that Paul Picot the brand is well known to the average watch enthusiast, nor to perhaps even those who are bit closer to the trade (myself included).   According to the company website, Paul Picot S.A. was founded in the Jura region of Switzerland in 1976 by a Mr. Mario Boiocchi.  Is there an actual “Paul Picot” behind the brand?  I would guess ‘yes’, but I do not know for certain (do you?).  By standards of the watchmaking industry, being founded in “only” 1976 makes Paul Picot a relatively young brand.  The brand prides itself on making “exceptional timepieces” that are “of great precision and extreme technical complexity, equipped with high quality mechanical movements housed in elegant cases.”   The price range of the brand’s collections – entry level about $5,000 up to nearly $100,000 for certain tourbillon models – reinforce the brand’s dedication to the high-end of high-watchmaking.  I would say that the brand’s “sweet spot” as far as price is concerned seems to be in the $10,000 to $20,000 range.  Unfortunately, the website is sparse on any additional details about the brand (hint, hint).

Thanks for watching and reading and I hope you enjoyed the review!  I wish all the reader’s of the blog all the best for 2010!


  • Paul

    Thanks for the review. I am a big fan of rattrapantes also and always enjoy seeing what’s out there, even if it’s not my particular style/taste. Keep ’em coming!