Watch Review: BALL Night Train DLC

First In Watches reviews an all-black, Swiss-made mechanical watch with excellent luminosity

BALL Watch Co. is known for making sturdy, dependable and highly luminous watches, and the BALL Night Train is no exception. I enjoyed reviewing the Night Train (Reference NM1092C-L1B-BK), which happens to be part of BALL’s Fireman collection.  It is the first I have spent any time with a BALL Watch, and for a watch of this type I can say that overall I am impressed.  The video review pretty much covers everything, with the exception of a few parting thoughts, and several photos, which I share below.

One point I want to reiterate from the video is the excellent luminosity of this watch.  I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to more clearly capture this for you.  I’m not sure why, but it was very difficult to get a good shot on video or on my digital camera – perhaps it was the radioactive tritrium gas playing tricks on my equipment :-)  But I can assure you – it is impressive and I would put my money on a BALL watch any day.  BALL is the “real deal” when it comes to serious lume – no gimmicks needed.

While the BALL Night Train does not suit my personal tastes, it is a nice Swiss-made timepiece that has a lot to offer, and at a reasonable price (~$1,900).  This is more or less an entry level watch for the mechanical automatic Swiss watch category, so if you are looking to start your collection, this would be a good place to start.  Or, if you are looking for watch that you can read in the dark – for hours days months years on end without ever fading and without needing a light source to “charge up” – this watch would be an excellent choice.  Finally, thanks again to Grenon’s of Newport for providing the watch – don’t hesitate to give Ray a call if you are interested in this watch – tell him I sent you and he will take good care of you.

In closing, here are a few pictures of the BALL Night Train DLC:








(note: serial #’s blurred out)

  • James

    Well done Kyle! This Ball is nice. But the lume is less than what I expected.

    • Kyle S.

      James – as I tried to plead, the lume on this watch is very impressive. It was incredibly difficult to get on film, though!

  • Chronodiver300

    That watch is simply unattractive. Looks like Timex humped a Tissot.

    • Kyle S.

      As I say this watch did not suit my personal tastes either (but for my own reasons), but I think it has something to offer for someone looking for a good daily wearer – hard to scratch DLC case, great lume, durable rubber strap, and reliable and easily serviceable movement! Check out our “Watch Reviews” category (on the right-side of the page) and you can check out some of the other watches we reviewed recently, too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Tom

    Nice job on the review. I recently added this watch to my stable of watches that includes Omega Seamaster (2), Doxa 750T Pro, Sinn U1, Rolex Prez, Seiko 6309, MKII Stingray and Sea Fighter, Omega Speedmaster Pro and others. I am primarily a dive watch guy, but I bought this watch because of the luminosity, the slim profile, and the all black military look. This watch, although not for everybody, is a hell of a timepiece. Accurate beyond belief, and tough as nails. While only 43 mm, that 43mm is all dial (no dive bezel) and it appears much bigger on the wrist. She may have a face only a mother could love, but this watch is a rocker. I was wondering if I’d like it after I bought it; after it arrived and I spent a few days with it I love it. Good stuff.

    • Kyle

      Tom, thanks for your comment! Great lineup of divers you own! I did appreciate this BALL. Only wish I could have gotten the fantastic lume to show up better in the video!

      Enjoy yours – I’m sure it makes a great daily wearer!

  • Ronnie ( from Malaysia)

    Thanks for sharing your views. I am deliberating whether to buy the Night train or the Aviator model. I kind of like both.

  • Andrew Messiah

    Very nice review.  I just bought a Night Train while honeymooning in Aruba, and I absolutely love it.  Very highly recommended.  Also, just as an FYI, IMG_2368 is not loading.