Franc Vila a8 Big Date Chronograph Review

I am excited to have finally gotten my hands on a Franc Vila watch.  While this particular model was not my favorite color scheme, I really enjoyed reviewing it.  The construction is rock solid.  The design is unique.  Great strap, too.  As you will see it is a massive watch with a massive wrist presence — it would make an excellent wrist weapon if you ever got in a pinch (seriously).  Price will be somewhere near $20,000.  In other words, this is not a watch for discerning individuals in any sense.  All in all, reviewing this watch has really cemented my appreciation for Franc Vila and his watches, and I definitely would like to own a Franc Vila watch one day.  Here is the video review and some pictures below.  Thanks for watching.

Franc Vila a8 Big Date Chronograph Video Review

Franc Vila a8 Big Date Chronograph Photos

Thanks to Luxury Montres for loaning me the timepiece.  If you are interested in purchasing this watch, just holla and I’ll get you hooked up.