Fitzroy London Automatic Chronograph Review

In my ongoing series of watch reviews, I recently took a look at a new watch from a new brand – the Fitzroy London Automatic Chronograph.  This is the first sub-$1,000 watch I have ever formally reviewed, and I must say that overall I was pleasantly surprised with the Fitzroy Automatic Chronograph.  If you are looking for a basic mechanical automatic watch infused a bit of “London flair” in it, this watch should suit your tastes quite nicely.   In addition to my review, you should also check out the Fitzroy Watches website, as you can see some of the other color and strap combinations that I mention in the review.  Lastly, I would love to hear any of Your thoughts, comments or questions about this watch, too — just drop a note in the comments section below!  Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the review!

Fitzroy London Automatic Chronograph Video Review

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Fitzroy London Automatic Chronograph Photos

  • Gonich

    Is the case sapphire crystal?  thinking about buying one…

    • Perpetuelle

      Hi @bf639ad63d381aed82eed9cf6e9a785e:disqus Yes, it is a sapphire crystal with glare-proof coating.  Any more questions, just ask!
      Kyle, Perpetuelle Editor in Chief

  • Anonymous

    Does it have a hacking seconds hand?

    • Perpetuelle

      @Chiliredlotus:disqus I don’t think so, but I don’t remember for sure.