Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco Sells for $799,500

I say it again:  Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco Sells for $799,500.  Huh?!?  What the–what to say except “insane”!!!!!!! I didn’t see it coming!!!!  Here’s what I tweeted 5 days ago:

Via Heuer expert OnTheDash, who have been all over this story, via HODINKEE.  OnTheDash (Part 1 (even though it says Part 3), Part 2, Part 3)

Heuer Monaco Worn by Steve McQueen

Hammered at $650,000, $799,500 with Buyer’s Premium

  • James Warne

    Well, all I can say is Wow! That’s a lot a watch, even for one owned by the man that became synonymous with this brand and model in particular. I own a Monaco and first saw it strapped to McQueen’s wrist many decades ago. It’s been my dream watch and I wear it every day.

    • Perpetuelle

      Yea, it is a bit crazy, IMHO!
      Congrats again on your Monaco.