Xetum Launches Kendrick Collection

Xetum Kendrick

San Francisco-based watch brand Xetum recently unveiled its third watch collection, the Kendrick.   The new Kendrick, available in a variety of colors, is a fitting addition to Xetum’s lineup.   In contrast to Xetum’s first two collections which were essentially founder Jeff Kuo’s modern interpretation of the pilot style dial, the Kendrick draws its inspiration from the automotive world.   The Kendrick’s bold red and blue colors (they call it “teal”) add a new vibrancy to the Xetum offering, while also keeping with the fresh, modern design look that runs through Xetum’s DNA.
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Xetum Autumn 2012 Timepiece Sweepstakes

Looks like our friends at Xetum (also an advertiser here) are giving away yet another watch!  This will be Xetum’s final 2012 contest, so if you would like a chance to win one of their California-designed, Swiss-made watches before the holidays, enter for a chance to win!
Good luck!

Xetum Tyndall PVD

If you’ve been waiting to purchase a Xetum (“zeh-tum“), you need wait no longer. The three-years-young “California-designed, Swiss-made” watch brand is out with a new take on its existing Tyndall model, and it looks great. Lots of looks and a full break down, below.

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