Narco Bling: Top 6 Watches of Mexican Drug Lords

A redux of a topic I published on nearly six years ago (see: Narco Bling: The Watches of Mexican Drug Kingpins, July 10, 2009), self-proclaimed citizen investigative journalist website recently published a review of the reach of Swiss luxury brands among the Mexican drug lords by analyzing social network profiles of three high ranking members of the infamous Sinaoloa drug cartel:  Ivan and Alfredo Guzmán, two of the most influential sons of El Chapo Guzmán, and José Rodrigo Aréchiga-Gamboa, alias “El Chino Ántrax” (who was arrested in Netherlands at the request of the US authorities in late 2013). The Top 6 Watches of Mexican drug lords, according the’s analysis, are as follows:

      1. Richard Mille
      2. Hublot
      3. Rolex
      4. Audemars Piguet
      5. Urwerk
      6. Romain Jerome

While the top four brands are perhaps not surprisingly given the narco’s penchant for watches that are large, expensive and/or ostentatious, interesting occupants of the #5 and #6 slots were the more obscure independent brands Urwerk and Romain Jerome.  

There is disheartening commentary in the report as well.  The bellingcat author notes, “in times of economic hardship, the flamboyant lives of drug barons are appealing to millions of young and poor Mexicans abandoned by the state…”



I must note that the quality of bellingcat’s analysis may be subject to scrutiny, particularly as the author notes that the authenticity of the social media accounts could not be verified (though, perhaps for obvious reasons).  And also, we all know how easy it is to make oneself look richer than one really on social media simply by taking photos from other accounts and claiming them as one’s own. was launched via a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and has been no stranger to controversial articles.  Even so, I think the analysis is worth a read.

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First Look: The New RJ-Romain Jerome “Tetris” Watch

RJ-Romain Jerome Tetris Watch - Perpetuelle

Romain Jerome, in collaboration with the Tetris Company LLC, introduces a fun new generational icon to the RJ collection:  the Tetris-DNA watch.  Ah yes, back to the 1980’s and 90’s with this iconic video game favorite.  Designed by Alexey Pajitnov in the USSR, Tetris was initially released in June 1984 and is now of course one of the most famous video gams of all time.  The dial features a random sequence of the game’s signature Tetriminos, the famous colored geometric shapes (I loved the game but never knew they were called that!).  The Tetriminos are gemset by hand in the center of the dial; crafted from anodized aluminum in a “Clou de Paris” pattern (a guilloché pattern of hollowed lines that intersect to form tiny pyramidal shapes).  The dial further embodies the Tetris aesthetic, with “brick” engravings on the side and the Tetris word mark on the right side.

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RJ-Romain Jerome Batman DNA Watch

Romain Jerome Batman DNA watch black

RJ-Romain Jerome, in a deal with DC Comics, pays tribute to Gotham City’s Super Hero with a timepiece inspired by the Dark Knight: the Batman-DNA.  This is part of Romain Jerome’s “Collaborations” collection which includes other partnership/license deals such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Delorean.  The watch reflects Batman’s heroic personality, with a 46 mm black PVD-coated steel case, an angular black bezel recalling the contours of the “Batmobile”, and a black-lacquered Batman emblem applique placed at the center of the dial.  The rest of the dial has undergone RJ-Romain Jerome’s special “rough” finish, giving the watch a dark and edgy look.   The legendary “Bat-Signal”, shines at night thanks to an engraving, filled with black Superluminova, which outlines the hero’s famous symbol.

Limited to 75 pieces at a price of $18,500 per, the Batman-DNA celebrates the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary.

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Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Octopus Watch Review

Romain Jerome Octopus #womw #yacht

While adventuring around the Bahamas this summer I brought along with me a Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Octopus.  The Octopus has been out a year or two now, but this was the first time I had a chance to lay hands on the watch.  Overall I found the Octopus to be a worthy island-exploring and water-going companion.  Below is a short video review I prepared…and a boat load of pics.  Enjoy!
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