Screening Soon: The Watchmaker’s Apprentice, a documentary of George Daniels and Roger Smith (trailer)

The Watchmaker's Apprentice Movie Poster

Perpetuelle readers are among the first to know:  it’s almost here!  The Watchmaker’s Apprentice is a documentary about two very special men, men whose skills are unparalleled in the world today – the late George Daniels, and Roger W. Smith.  Made by independent production company DAM Productions on the Isle of Man, The Watchmaker’s Apprentice contains the last interview George Daniels gave, just months before his death in October 2011.

After lengthy discussions over the past 18 months or so, distribution for the film has been secured and two U.S. screenings were just announced: WorldFest (Houston, TX), a Q&A screening with Director Dave Armstrong, and a special one-off screening at Tribeca Cinemas on April 28, 2015 at 7pm, featuring none other than the ‘Apprentice’ himself Mr. Roger W. Smith.

A ticket purchase link to the NY screening is here — it was only just announced, but I am told that tickets are selling swiftly!

Here is an extended trailer:

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In-Depth: The George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch


The momentous announcement has been made by Roger W. Smith:  the first George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch has been delivered!  Roger W. Smith is co-creator of the watch and protege of the late Dr. George Daniels (1926-2011).   The realization of this watch and its announcement in particular comes almost precisely one year following the passing of modern day watchmaking legend Dr. George Daniels; it is the culmination of a vision that Daniels approached Roger W. Smith with in 2009 and was announced to the world in 2010.  But sadly, it was a vision that the great Daniels would not live to see come to life:  in the fall of 2011, just three weeks after giving his approval for the prototype of the Anniversary Watch that he and Roger W. Smith had uncompromisingly and painstakingly worked on for two years, Dr. George Daniels passed away.

And so it was Roger W. Smith, up to then in close collaboration with George Daniels but now without, who pressed on with the daunting task of finishing the special Anniversary watch, a watch envisioned to commemorate the 35 year anniversary of the invention that made George Daniels forever famous in the world of high watchmaking — the co-axial escapement.  The Daniels Anniversary Watch will now undoubtedly also be seen as a commemoration of the life of George Daniels.

Yes, you may have seen live pics already, but rest assured you haven’t seen a full break down on this watch like Perpetuelle delivers now.  In particular you don’t want to miss our special look at the escapement in the watch (hint: it’s not quite what you think it might be).  We’ve got all the details, on the jump.
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A Profile of Master Watchmaker Roger Smith

I would like to recommend a great article from the UK Daily mail about British watchmaker Roger Smith.  Making barely 10 pieces per year, no two Roger Smith timepieces are alike, and each one is made almost entirely by hand.  Smith is one of a very select group of men worldwide who know how to do this, in large part due to the tutelage of watchmaking legend George Daniels (Daniels is best known for inventing the co-axial escapement, now used widely by Omega).  Watch enthusiasts can give thanks that some of George Daniels watchmaking talent lives on through Roger Smith, though Smith certainly is one of those unique individuals with talent all his own.

So it is a fantastic story, I think you will enjoy and learn an interesting thing or two as well:  The British watchmaker beating the Swiss at their own game with £86,000 timepieces, Mail Online June 16, 2012

More on Roger Smith at — he has a splendid website, too!

Roger Smith

A Roger Smith Timepiece

Roger Smith’s unassuming premises

Dr. George Daniels and Roger Smith