Buying Time: Manual Wind Chronographs from Patek, Journe, Omega and Chopard

FP Journe Centigraphe - for sale Govberg via Perpetuelle

Welcome to this week’s edition of Buying Time.  This week, I have selected four great pre-owned watches that are all manual wind chronographs.  Due to the intricate mechanics required for operation, manual wind chronograph calibers are arguably some of the most beautiful and intriguing calibers out there, especially at the high end.  My list spans a broad price range this week, but mostly focused on the pricier stuff.  I will start things off with an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 11, then we’ll climb the ladder to a special edition Chopard L.U.C 1963 chronograph that I absolutely love and I think is a great buy for the money.  After this, we’ll really step it up with two incredible watches:  the F.P. Journe Centigraphe, and a Patek Philippe 5170J chronograph.  The great thing about a top notch shop like Govberg Jewelers (our partner in this weekly pre-owned curation) is the quality of pieces that come their way — these last two pieces certainly aren’t watches that come onto the secondary market very often, so you should give them serious consideration if you are in the market.  Now let’s get into it!


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Buying Time: Big Name Ceramic Watches

Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon 311. - Govberg for Perpeutelle

In this week’s edition of Buying Time, I am excited to present you with a group of watches that are all cased in ceramic, with a wide selection of color and price to choose from.  Available through our friends at Govberg Jewelers, all these pre-owned watches are from “big name” brands that know a thing or two about a properly made ceramic watch.  From an affordable, Ducati-inspired Tudor to a big & bold IWC Big Pilot, with a pair of superb ceramic Omega Speedmasters and a killer-looking all-black Panerai Luminor in between, this is a lineup of ceramic watches that will have you rolling up your sleeves and holding your wrist high so that even the most casual of watch enthusiasts can pay their respects to your #wristgame.

Now, I think you all know the merits of ceramic (i.e. it looks fantastic and is virtually impossible to scratch or scuff), as well as the downsides (not a watch you want to drop on a concrete sidewalk due to its brittleness), so let’s jump right on in to this week’s selection.

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James Bond Wore Quartz Watches (It’s true!)

James Bond TAG Heuer Timothy Dalton 1987

Did you know that up until Skyfall, half of James Bond watch choices in Eon Productions movies were quartz models.   James Bond Wore the Quartz Revolution—a brand new exhibit—will challenge what you think you might know about James Bond Watches.  The exclusive exhibit opened to the public just yesterday (June 3, 2015) at the National Watch & Clock Museum (NAWCC), in Columbia, Pennsylvania.  It is curated by THE authority on James Bond watches, Mr. Dell Deaton (

At the center of this exhibit are examples of all 12 quartz James Bond wristwatches representing screen-correct models of those featured in EON productions movies premiered from 1973 through 1995.  Live and Let Die (Pulsar / Hamilton Watch Co), The Spy Who Loved Me (Seiko), Moonraker (Seiko), For Your Eyes Only (Seiko), Octopussy (Seiko), Goldeneye (Omega) and more.

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Is James Bond Wearing the Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial on NATO strap in Spectre?

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A die-hard Omega enthusiast and very good friend of mine (my friend’s name, real name, is James Bond – dead serious!) recently tipped me off that he is “near certain” that the watch James Bond aka “007” is wearing in this poster is the Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial.  And it is on this 5-stripe grey and black nylon fabric NATO strap with stainless steel buckle and keepers.

I am inclined to agree with him, but I can’t say for certain.  A check-in at Dell Deaton’s yielded no conclusive support of our supposition.

What say you?

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Omega NATO strap grey and black 5 stripe - Perpetuelle

Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial 2014 via Perpetuelle