A New Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed, now in Titanium

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Titanium angle

The monochrome look of the SpidoSpeed Titanium is an iconic LW design.  Whilst we will continue to evolve and be innovative, in my universe Linde Werdelin will always have a watch like this – it truly captures the spirit of the brand.

— Co-founder and creative mind Morten Linde

I couldn’t agree more.  Titanium is metal used regularly by Linde Werdelin, and it’s probably my favorite when looking at the brand’s range of adventure-inspired timepieces (I “adventured” with a titanium Linde Werdlin in the steeps and narrows of Zion, UT a couple summers ago, matter of fact).  A “performance” metal know for its lightweight yet durable properties, titanium goes well with the overall ethos and aesthetic that is Linde Werdelin.  You’ll find titanium case choices in several of LW’s SpidoLite models (the time-only / less pricey brother to the SpidoSpeed), but until now it was not an option for SpidoSpeed fans. The SpidoSpeed is a great — and technical looking — 3-register chronograph and it looks just great in titanium with skeletonized dial and blue accents.

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Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon

linde werdelin oktopus moon carbon

The Linde Werdelin Oktopus Carbon Moon becomes the eighth reference in the active Oktopus Moon series.  It is distinguished by its layered carbon case, a first for the Oktopus series, and of course the superbly executed moonphase complication.  Though the enterprising and creative brand has ventured into the carbon arena before with its release of a hybrid forged carbon case in 2013 (you can see our hands-on report on the very cool Spidolite II Tech green & red here), this is a distinct carbon technology which delivers a much different effect, while retaining full Linde Werdelin DNA.  Let’s dig in with a closer look.

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Linde Werdelin Oktopus Tattoo (Live Pics)

Linde Werdelin Oktopus Tattoo Cover Art

This new piece recently unveiled by Linde Werdelin features a rose gold case that has been intricately tattooed engraved with an octopus.  Long time Perpetuelle readers and LW fans already know that this is the brand’s second “tattoo” piece (remember the original Oktopus Tattoo?), and like the last one no level of detail has been spared.  However, this time the watch also features LW’s in-house moon-phase complication further adding to its appeal (I’ve long been a fan of LW’s special moonphase, as discussed earlier this year); on this particular piece, however, the various moon phases are hand-drawn for a very nice visual effect.  It is nice to see Linde Werdelin continue to evolve the Oktopus collection over time, with this latest iteration reflecting a solid combination of ornamental design and a robust craftsmanship. Hands-on pics/pricing/more info below.
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LWlounge: A website exclusively for Linde Werdelin enthusiasts

Linde Werdelin watches

One perhaps obvious way to judge a watch brand is by the depth and passion of its fan base.  I don’t mean fans in general, but what I would call brand loyalists or hard core aficionados.  Like the “Paneristi”, for example.  A large and loyal group of Panerai fans who have created a “culture” around their love for all things Panerai.   A highly passionate fan base like this is really special thing for a brand to have — and particularly because not all brands can engender such passion.

LW Lounge Logo

Along these lines, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about a new site dedicated 100% to Linde Werdelin, the “LWlounge”.  Right now it is just a “one-man” site ran by a person (“Martin”) who owns several Linde Werdelin watches and is of course passionate about the brand.  He has, however, complied an amazing amount of historical and current information about the brand and its watches.  For example, you will likely be surprised to learn of the existence of an unknown number of “LW Founders Watches” — now how cool is that!

Martin’s hope is that LWlounge can grow into something akin to the Paneristi in the years and even decades ahead.  A dedicated Linde Werdelin community would be a tremendous asset to the brand.

A Linde Werdelin “Founders Watch”, circa 2006

Linde Werdelin Founders Watch

So with this said, you should jump on over and check out LWlounge and all that that it has to offer about Linde Werdelin watches.

I do have two suggestions for the site:  1) get the LWlounge logo/header on the home landing page, and 2) consider a Forum or other content system which will allow for user posting and discussion.

Best of luck Martin — and please keep me posted!