Buying Time: Blue Dial Watches

Blue Dial Watch Cover - Perpetuelle

In this week’s episode of Buying Time, we are looking at pre-owned watches that sit within a fun sub-category of the watch world:  watches with blue dials.  Most watch brands have at least one or two blue-dialed watches in their stable, and for good reason.  The most common dial colors are black, silver, grey, and white.  Beyond this, it gets tricky for watchmakers to venture to other parts of the color palette, though other colors are on occasion used to good aesthetic effect (e.g. salmon, red, brown).  Blue, however, often lends itself to an eye-pleasing result on the dial of the watch and is thus probably the most widely used color apart from the monochrome palette.  Particularly on the pieces I’ve found for you today.  Let’s get started.

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Buying Time: Big Name Ceramic Watches

Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon 311. - Govberg for Perpeutelle

In this week’s edition of Buying Time, I am excited to present you with a group of watches that are all cased in ceramic, with a wide selection of color and price to choose from.  Available through our friends at Govberg Jewelers, all these pre-owned watches are from “big name” brands that know a thing or two about a properly made ceramic watch.  From an affordable, Ducati-inspired Tudor to a big & bold IWC Big Pilot, with a pair of superb ceramic Omega Speedmasters and a killer-looking all-black Panerai Luminor in between, this is a lineup of ceramic watches that will have you rolling up your sleeves and holding your wrist high so that even the most casual of watch enthusiasts can pay their respects to your #wristgame.

Now, I think you all know the merits of ceramic (i.e. it looks fantastic and is virtually impossible to scratch or scuff), as well as the downsides (not a watch you want to drop on a concrete sidewalk due to its brittleness), so let’s jump right on in to this week’s selection.

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IWC: This is No Way to Announce a Product You Probably Shouldn’t be Making In the First Place

IWC Connect

Well, somebody’s gotta say it:  What is that thing? 

There are product announcements and, well, there are product “non-announcements” — like the one IWC made today.  With only an uninsightful, opaque, 40-second video production, IWC announced today that it is launching an “intelligent tool” called “IWC Connect.”   No other substantive details provided.  IWC states “Further information and the launch date will be available on IWC social media channels and in the coming months.”  Really?  Really.  Am I supposed to be excited or intrigued about this?  You gotta give us more than that, because all I am doing right now is hoping that this thing will NOT count my steps or take my pulse.

I find myself compelled to repeat a recent Tweet:

Be careful IWC.  Your reputation is on the line here.


IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Ref 3972

SIHH 2015… 

IWC Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month

For SIHH 2015, IWC makes a comeback with a variety of models, but one of the more interesting watches is the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month 75th Anniversary watch, which will be limited to 75 pieces in each of two red gold variations and 25 in platinum. Included in the package is a vast array of technical features, ranging from the expected perpetual calendar, an oversized digital date, a leap year display, and a chronograph with flyback ability—quite a lot of watch any way you look at it.

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