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HYT H1 Dracula DLC Watch
by Kyle Stults on August 11, 2014

HYT Watches H1 Dracula DLC detail

Inspired by the unforgettable 19th century vampire legend and the mystical bloody eclipse of Transylvania, the H1 Dracula DLC features red fluid in its timekeeping capillaries as well as red-stained creases in its black alligator strap.   The look is, well, killer.  A limited series of 50 pieces, the HYT H1 Dracula is priced at $64,000 per, comparable to other HYT H1 models.  This is special edition is now available, and can be seen on display at Harrod’s in London.  Clearly the folks at HYT are having a lot of fun carving out their niche — about as far from mainstream horology as you can get.   As they should be…life’s too short not to have fun doing what you do.
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HYT H1 “Velvet Gun” (Liquid Time Display)
by Kyle Stults on July 08, 2014

HYT H1 Velvet Gun

Not a new model, but rather a new purple-hazed titanium case for HYT’s H1.   The minute dial is also given a new look.  Inspiration?  “Lake’s reflections as the [Swiss watchmaking] summer starts, listening to Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, we dared to step out of conformity and added unique metallic shades on our H1 case architecture giving elegant purple tones.”   It is a little hard to discern the color from the press kit photos, but in the right light the Velvet Gun should show its true colors.  Anyway, I like it.   Available later this month, the HYT H1 Velvet Gun is offered in a limited edition of 50 pieces, 56,000 CHF per ($62k at current f/x).
Few more pics and a short video, on the click

HYT to Unveil Several new “Hydro-Mechanical” Models for 2014
by Kyle Stults on March 10, 2014

HYT H1 TiBronze Watch

HYT the “hydro-mechanical timekeeper” are revealing several new variations of their H1 and H2 models at Baselworld 2014.   With two core designs settled upon, HYT is broadening the H1 and H2 collections with a variety of new fluid colors (red, blue) and case metals (titanium/Ti, aluminum alloy, Ti-bronze, DLC-ti, etc.) – there are some really cool new combinations coming!!!  Above is a photo of the H1 that I took at Baselworld 2013.  You can see all the 2014 combos in the video below, and as pics of several of them as well.  Check ‘em out below

A Look at HYT Watches and “Fluid Time” Technology
by Kyle Stults on December 12, 2013

HYT Watches Logo

HYT H1 TiBronze Watch

Below is a nice video walk-through (2 videos in total) of HYT’s fluid-time technology which, among other details, uses a liquid-filled capillary and bellows.  I’ve also included some photos of HYT watches that I took at Baselworld 2013 earlier this year.

Bringing such unconventional timekeeping technology to market has not been easy for HYT but they have a solid product – functionally and aesthetically – that they continue to improve upon.  Keep in mind that this is still a small-scale technology — HYT is shipping around 40 watches per month.  As I see it, the opportunity is substantial if larger scale production (and lower price points — current models sell around $45,000 – $50,000) can be brought to bear on their fluid-timekeeping methods.

Super-cool watches, no doubt!

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