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Hermès Dressage L’heure masquée
by Kyle Stults on March 30, 2014

Hermes Dressage L’heure masquée steel dial detail

Hermès new Dressage L’heure masquée is a playful watch with dual time zone with a secret hour hand.  Somewhat reminiscent of the also-whimsical Arceau Le Temps suspendu from a few years ago, a the Dressage L’heure masquée is constructed such that the hour hand and second time zone display remain hidden, revealing themselves only when and so long as the crown is pressed.  They disappear again when the pusher is released.

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Hermes Arceau H Cube Limited Edition (Hands On)
by Kyle Stults on November 01, 2013

Straw dial…

Hermes Arceau H Cube by Perpetuelle

There are materials whose apparent simplicity is, for the artisan, a great source of inspiration. Here we see another fine example of the talented folks at Hermes whose passion and expertise lies in the art of straw marquetry.  It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of these types of dials, particularly those done by Hermes — I absolutely LOVE how Hermes indulges its passion for this craft.   Hermes had a number of nice pieces this year at Baselworld but this one really stuck with me.

Hermes Arceau H Cube

Limited Edition 10 Pieces

41mm white gold case, straw marquetry dial, automatic mechanical Hermes Cal H1837 (Vaucher), alligator strap by Hermes

Hermes Arceau H Cube on Red Strap

Hermes is of course well known for its use of unique, repeating geometries — including those created with marquetry (see my review of the Hermès Arceau Marqueterie de Paille).  This piece is particularly special in that it uses an interlocking Hermes “H” pattern motif.

Hermes Arceau H Cube Dial by Perpetuelle

Each blade of straw has been hand selected, carefully cut, dried and dyed in hues of orange, burgundy, fuscia, coral and purple.

Hermes Arceau H Cube Dial Closeup

Of course pieces like this do not lend themselves to mass production — this is a limited series of 10 pieces.

For more on straw marquetry, be sure to visit my previous discussion of Hermes Arceau Marqueterie de Paille.

Hermès Arceau Lift Flying Tourbillon
by Kyle Stults on October 03, 2013

Hermès Arceau Lift Flying Tourbillon

Here’s a first look at a spectacular new piece from Hermes, the Hermès Arceau Lift Flying Tourbillon.  Production of this superlative piece is limited to just 176 pieces, and to own one will set you back $165,000.  The ornate geometry of the tourbillon carriage and barrel bridge is inspired by a lift/elevator which is installed at the Hermes Paris boutique, 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
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Hermes Arceau Pocket Volutes
by Kyle Stults on March 21, 2013

Baselworld 2013 preview…

Hermes Logo

Hermes Arceau Volutes Pocket Watch This new pocket watch from Hermes, with a 48mm white gold case, combines the craft of gold marquetry and hand engraving.  The pattern on the lid requires upwards of 150 hours to create.   The “volutes” reference in the name refers to the watch’s swirling pattern, a pattern which is inspired by a design of Hermès artist Henri d’Origny 1972.  The effect is created with separate white gold and rose gold discs are first  crafted separately, before being assembled and welded together by firing in a furnace.  We’ll take a closer look below.
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