The Special Edition Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Team 78 Watch (and a matching Porsche Turbo)

Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Team 78 Watch - Perpetuelle

The new ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure Team 78 is a sweet looking variation of the brand’s Skeleton Pure model.  This watch with its black PVD-finished steel case and neon lime accents (including on the carbon strap) was created especially for the 2015 Gumball 3000 rally.  Armin Strom is participating in the rally as, you guessed it, Team 78, with a Porsche Turbo 997 that was tastefully modded by TechArt.

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Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Air and Earth

Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Earth and Air

I introduced Armin Strom’s new “Pure “collection” a couple months ago, including a look at the Pure ‘Water’ and Pure ‘Fire’ models and some details on Armin Strom’s 3D-PVD finished calibers.  If you haven’t seen my intro to Pure yet, go ahead and click over now and get up to speed…I’ll wait for you, and then we can take a look at the other two models in the new Pure collection, the ‘Air’ and ‘Fire’.

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Introducing the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Collection

Armin Strom Pure Collection Water and Fire

This outstanding new collection from Armin Strom is a great example of the brand’s fine eye for horological construction and design.  Sharp-eyed enthusiasts of the brand will likely recognize these watches as modern derivations of the  more classically styled One Week Skeleton which the brand unveiled earlier this year.  And indeed both pieces share the same in-house base caliber, the manual wind ARM09-S with 8-day power reserve.  But of course the Skeleton Pure, with colored, PVD finished movement plates has an aesthetic all its own.  Skeleton Pure will be produced in editions of 100 pieces in each of ARMIN STROM’s elements of Air (titanium), Earth (black PVD coated stainless steel), Fire (18k rose gold, shown above) and Water (stainless steel, shown above).

The Armin Strom ARM09-S with 3D-PVD finish

Armin Strom ARM09-S Pure Caliber

Armin Strom owner Serge Michel puts it this way:  “The One Week Skeleton is an homage to our brand’s founder, master skeletonizer Armin Strom.  Skeleton Pure perfectly represents what ARMIN STROM is today.”   More than just the Pure, this statement really sums up the brand today, as I see it.  What I really like about Armin Strom, and what I’ve seen over the last several years since Michel took over (and enlisting the talented chief horologist Claude Greisler), is a transition of the brand — its manufacture technology, its designs, its materials, and so on — into the modern area, while also retaining the strongest aspects of brand’s heritage, namely skeletonization and hand-made watches.
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Armin Strom Hand-Engraved “Royal Flush” Watch Hands-On


Armin Strom Royal Flush Unique Piece engraved caseback

I sat down with the good guys from Armin Strom in Las Vegas last week and was treated to a look at their brand new “Royal Flush” watch.  I am told that one watch in each of the four suits (spades/hearts/clubs/diamonds) will be made, so, four unique pieces in total.  The hand engraving is most prominent on the back of the movement, as seen above. But it is also decorated on the front, if you look closely you can see it on each of the two dial-side barrels.  Of course the decoration is hand-done and top-notch, as Armin Strom is known for.
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