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Armin Strom Hand-Engraved “Royal Flush” Watch Hands-On
by Kyle Stults on June 10, 2014


Armin Strom Royal Flush Unique Piece engraved caseback

I sat down with the good guys from Armin Strom in Las Vegas last week and was treated to a look at their brand new “Royal Flush” watch.  I am told that one watch in each of the four suits (spades/hearts/clubs/diamonds) will be made, so, four unique pieces in total.  The hand engraving is most prominent on the back of the movement, as seen above. But it is also decorated on the front, if you look closely you can see it on each of the two dial-side barrels.  Of course the decoration is hand-done and top-notch, as Armin Strom is known for.
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Armin Strom Gravity Date
by Kyle Stults on May 01, 2014

Armin Strom Gravity Date Earth

Now that I’ve shown you the big stars of the 2014 Armin Strom lineup (I’ll link to them below if you aren’t familiar), let’s take a look at a new addition to the Gravity collection.  This year Armin Strom has added a date model to the lineup, equipped with the new manufacture caliber ADD14, an automatic mechanical movement with dial-side viewing of the micro-rotor and other mechanics.  The Gravity Date is a natural line extension and will nicely complement the time-only Armin Strom Gravity.

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Armin Strom Racing Manual Watch
by Kyle Stults on April 10, 2014

Bridges machined from F1 car engine block …

Armin Strom Racing Manual watch, with bridges made from F1 car engine

For the 2014 Formula 1 season, ARMIN STROM updates its Racing Collection by introducing two new calibres made from a Formula 1 engine.  Let’s take a look at the manufacture’s Racing Manual, a limited edition of 50 pieces with visible dial-side bridges machined from the original motor block of an F1 car (Armin Strom is a sponsor of Team Marussia).  The watch features Armin Strom’s distinct case shape (note the asymmetry with the ‘tab’ at the bottom of the case) — nicely sized at 43.4mm x 13mm — in titanium with black PVD-treated steel bezel.

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Armin Strom One Week Skeleton Collection
by Kyle Stults on April 04, 2014

Armin Strom One Week Skeleton Rose Gold

WOW.  What. A.  Watch.  With the release of the Armin Strom One Week Skeleton Collection, the Armin Strom manufacture has realized the dream of its founder – to create a skeleton entirely manufactured in-house.  While there is no doubt that Armin Strom is quite proud to marry the tradition for which its namesake represents with its modern day in-house caliber capabilities, this is also very exciting to a skeleton fan like me and others.  Especially as I am in particular a fan of Mr. Armin Strom himself, a (now retired) modern day legend of the skeleton art.

You can see how incredible this watch looks.  Even the going barrel springs are visible through the winding wheels. An amazing combination of form and function.  The watch exudes hand craftmanship, leaving behind the feel of many of today’s mass-produced, industrial calibers and dials.

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