Wrist Shot Rewind

We recap our favorite wrist shots…

Readers of this blog know that we here at First In Watches like to keep an eye on “who’s wearing what” — particularly when it is discovered by an “in the wild” spotting of a wrist shot.  Come to think of it, we’ve spotted and called quite a few candid wrist shots over the past year, and so we thought we’d take a moment to reflect.  Enjoy!

For starters, we spotted Bill Clinton wearing a Panerai to his meeting with North Korea’s dictator:

and then there was France’s Nicolas Sarkozy wearing a very stately Girard-Perregaux:

Moving on from world leaders, we founder ourselves wondering what YouTube founder Chad Hurley was wearing (in fact we still don’t know!):

And then there are society’s seedier characters, from which we have set our spying eyes upon everything from disgraced Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff’s forfeited watch collection:

to plea-dealing lawyer Scott Rothstein’s gaudy wrist wear:

and — yes — we’ve even been lured in to writing about “Narco Bling” aka the watches of Mexican drug lords:

Alas, our passion for the elusive wrist shot is rarely satiated.  And so our relentless pursuit of precious metals housing precious movements often leads us to search the wrists of athletes — out of their uniforms and into casual mode, elite athletes are no match for our horologically trained eyes which have transformed many an innocuous photo into a story about a wrist shot.

For example, we outran Jamaican super-sprinter Usain Bolt striking to catch him in his trademark pose with a Hublot Big Bang Ceramic:

And when it comes to the hoops game, it was an easy drive down the lane for this slam dunk shot of Shaq with this Audemars Piguet:

Likewise, Kobe Bryant was quick to flash the peace sign giving us a clean steal and a clear look at his Nubeo:

and the same for the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade — spotted in a watch only an NBA player could wear, a Haimov:

Check that — Dwayne Wade has most recently been spotted wearing Hublot!  Nice trade, D-Wade!

So what will Team Perpetuelle spot next?  Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoyed this special edition of “Wrist Shot Rewind”!