Win $600 Cash from The CGA Company

This just in from The CGA Company, a valued advertiser and supporter of Perpetuelle:

Starting right now through November 7th.    Buy any item from The CGA Company and you will be entered into a drawing.  The winner will your choice of $600 in cash or any item on our site priced at $670 or less! Which means you could also select a SISU, Luminox, Lum-Tec etc. — or the $600 cash!

This sounds like a generous contest with very reasonable cost of entry.  For example, spend $20 to get a new black NATO (or any other strap CGA sells) and you are entered!  Or pick up a new Lum-Tec watch (or any other watch CGA sells) and you are entered.  Or go ahead and splurge on a hand made, hand forged Bowie knife with fossil Walrus ivory!  CGA Company has a multi-brand selection of tactical-style watches at affordable price points (mostly quartz watches), and an eclectic handful of other items, too.  If you’ve been thinking about buying anything CGA offers, well, now is the time to do it.

Check it out at