Watch Spotting and Wrist Shots Done Right

“…I am spotting for rare, unique and beautiful watches….”

If you are a die-hard watch fan, then you know all about “watch spotting”.  I am yet to hang out with a watch guy who does not also confess to checking out the wrists of his fellow co-workers or countrymen in the office, on the sidewalk, at the stoplight, etc. etc.  Often watch spotting is done discreetly — but not always, as you will see in a moment.  It is likewise fun finding oneself on the receiving end of a watch spotting (i.e. you are asked “Hey, what’s that on your wrist?”).

This leads me to my focus today, which is an exceptional collection of wrist shot photos taken by a gent who was recently vacationing in the Cote d’Azur (aka the French Riviera aka Nice/Cannes/Monaco/etc.).  Cote d’Azur truly is a “lifestyles of the rich and famous” scene — from the huge yachts to the Ferraris and Lambos right down to the Audemars Piguet and Patek’s on the wrists, it’s pretty much full of people with off-the-charts wealth.

The fellow who runs “How’s Hamp” (cool blog, btw) did an excellent job of photographing and documenting his watch spottings for people to enjoy.   His album mostly includes “Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and Patek Philippe watches but a few Rolex and Panerai’s are featured too.”   I have no doubt that you will enjoy the photos.  Click through here to see “How’s Hamp:  Watch Spotting in Cote d’Azur.

Also while we are on the topic, I want to also quickly mention that the enjoyment of seeing “who’s wearing what” is what led me to create “Wrist Shot”- the first Facebook App for watch owners, collectors & enthusiasts.  The app was launched earlier this summer but is still in development phase (we are working on the enhanced version now).  You can read more about Wrist Shot HERE or check it out on Facebook HERE.

Finally, let me give a special thanks to the man himself (Hampus) for the head’s up — now go check out his “Watch Spotting in Cote d’Azur!!!

  • Breitling Source

    That’s awesome! I’ve always thought about doing this but there are usually so few people around that justify having their wristshots taken that It would take hours of sitting around waiting for someone to get the right shot. I suppose hanging around outside of a watch store might help though.

    Its kind of like The Sartorialist for wristwatches.

  • Jon

    AMAZING … Sartorialist for wristwatches? … touché

    • Kyle