Scott Rothstein Ponzi Scheme Watch Collection To Hit Auction Block on July 13

The Top 10 Most Interesting Watches In the Scott Rothstein Watch Auction…

If I’ve ever been early to a story, this would be the one — I first wrote about the pathetic ponzi perp Scott Rothstein on December 29, 2009 (see: Another Possible Ponzi Perpetrator’s Watches Heading to the Auction Block).   Naturally, it was an enormous Franck Muller wall clock (see it here) which first brought the story to my attention, but little did I know that this was just the tip of a wristwatch-iceberg, perhaps the largest ever to be seized by Federal authorities in connection with such a crime.  Today’s update on the story is to highlight some of the more intriguing timepieces I found in Scott Rothstein’s 262 piece watch collection that is to be auctioned on July 13, 2011.  I hope you enjoy the “Top 10 Most Interesting Watches in the Scott Rothstein Watch Auction”, straight ahead.

At the time of my initial article, Rothstein had plead “not guilty” to perpetrating a $1.2 billion Ponzi fraud, but now he is a convicted criminal facing 50 years of hard time.  I haven’t the least bit of sympathy for someone like Rothstein — the man lived a King’s life with ill-gained money, owning more luxuries than many can even dream of.   Yachts, cars, fancy houses, watches, perhaps even a politician or two (he was friends with former Florida Governor Charlie Crist) — Rothstein seemingly had it all.  And then it came all crashing down — like all Ponzi schemes eventually do (just ask Bernie Madoff and his Monoblocco Rolex)!

Scott Rothstein Showing Off Some of His 250+ Luxury Watches

Many of Rothstein’s possessions were sold at auction on January 23, 2010 — including the aforementioned Franck Muller wall clock.   However, Rothstein’s previously seized watch collection (250+ luxury watches, many worth tens of thousands of dollars apiece) has been held by the United States Treasury Department — until now.   This Wednesday, July 13, 2011, Rothstein’s watches will be sold to the highest bidder at auction.

Scott Rothstein in a white suit, hat and matching grin

(pictured with his then wife to-be, Kim, and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist)

Would you trust your money to a man who dresses like this?


The July 13 auction will feature Rothestein’s absurdly huge collection of some of the world’s finest watches.  Yes, he owned many of the well known status symbols:  Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Piaget, Hublot, Roger Dubuis, and Panerai (but curiously, no Omega).  But like a spoiled kid in a candy store, Rothstein also scooped up many rarely seen watches made by smaller, independent watchmakers such as Richard Mille (2), Harry Winston (2), Urwerk (2), Pierre Kunz (several),  Daniel Roth (several), Gerald Genta (several), and others.

I combed through each of the 262 lots to be auctioned and came up with a list of the Top 10 Most Interesting Watches in the auction:

The Top 10 Most Interesting Watches In the Scott Rothstein Watch Auction

(in no particular order)

Lot 21, Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time (White Gold)

Lot 25, Pierre Kunz “Insanity” (Titanium)

Lot 72, Urwerk UR-103 (White Gold)

Lot 110, Richard Mille RM011 “Felipe Massa” (Titanium and Gold)

Lot 77, Azimuth MR. ROBOTO

Lot 102, Piaget Tourbillon Relatif (White gold)

Lot 104, Daniel Roth,Limited Edition 2/15

Lot 111, Audemars Piguet, Case Engraved “Especially Made for Arnold Schwarzenegger” (Titanium)

Lot 165, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “Survivor”

Lot 208, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “SHAQ”

See them all at

Any comments?  Feel free to weigh in!

  • Goju1

    What an eclectic wanker! No taste!

  • Diamond Miyani

    nicy watchessssssssssssss
    i like
    ur demand n friend to me

  • Anonymous

    I’ve gotta say, Madoff has much better taste. Rothstein’s is a truly gaudy assembly of watches…

  • Peter Coultas

    Rothstein has no sense of style whatsoever.  A lot of his collection is filled with gaudy pieces and based on everything I’ve read about him, he seems like someone who liked to flaunt his wealth (Even though it was made illegitimately) and in very bad taste.

    • Perpetuelle

      Well said!


    • Perpetuelle

      @twitter-20494100:disqus Peter— Well said!
      Kyle, editor

  • insida

    Well, afterall, it wasnt his money………..what a piece of s–t!

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