The Times of My Life, The Autobiography of Jack Heuer

*** Update – now available for download!! ***

Jack Heuer Times of My Life Book

The Times of My Life, the autobiography of Jack Heuer.  In 10 chapters and 290 pages, watch industry pioneer and modern day father of the TAG Heuer brand Jack Heuer recounts his 50 plus year journey with the now iconic sports watch brand (he retired last year).  Origins of the Carrera.  Story of the Autavia.  Steve McQueen, Le Mans and the Monaco watch.  Jo Siffert and Formula 1.   And more.

Good luck getting a HARD copy, this will be a closely-held/private title (I.e. it’s not for sale).  And yes, this is a bit frustrating for all you TAG fans out there…why TAG Heuer chose to issue a rather extensive press release on the book is a bit puzzling.





Jack Heuer Times of My Life Book in Autographed Cover

Jack Heuer Times of My Life Book Inside Cover

  • Dell Deaton

    How much of this do you suppose will be devoted to discussion of the at-least-four Heuer watch models featured in the 1987 EON Productions movie, The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007?

  • bamagrad03

    I don’t understand why they’re making a book like this be so limited. Why put so much effort into something only a couple hundred people will ever read? Is this simply a limited edition to which a broadly sold edition will be paired? If not, it’s very frustrating.

    • Perpetuelle

      Fair point. TAG Heuer told me this morning it was not for sale and which left me scratching my head wondering why they put out a press release on it.

  • Maciej

    Press release states that “Jack Heuer’s fascinating story is now accessible to a wider readership in English” so the above is probably 150 edition for family/closest friends. On facebook there is photo of one of the copies, signed with dedication from Jack himself. Seems logical.

    • Perpetuelle

      No — TAG Heuer told me directly it is not going to be sold. It is basically a private publication but TAG Heuer decided to make a splash of it anyway.

      • Maciej

        Well, if that’s the case, that’s quite sad (not sad that I won’t be able to read it, rather sad that Tag decided to tell us “we have something interesting, but you can’t have it!”). If it’s private – keep it private, so why the press release? There is always an option to make “public cut” if it’s “that” personal. Nevertheless, it’s not private Stephen King book or something, I guess I can live with that :-)

  • Alan Sim

    does any know In Jack Heuer’s autobiography The Times of My Life pg278, what year did Jack first sit in a Formula 1 car at AGS Formula One Driving School?

  • Malik

    The book is not for sale…it’s free! Check the download button at the bottom :
    Enjoy :-)

    • Perpetuelle

      Well, that changes everything! Thanks for the tip. I have update my article above.

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