Thank You, Perpetuelle Advertisers

I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank the advertisers here at  Aside from our ad network, Perpetuelle has a small but diverse group of watch brands/dealers who advertise here, and I encourage you all to consider them if you are in the market for a timepiece.  Specifically I am referring to Clerc Geneve, Xetum Watches, The CGA Company, Frederique Constant and Alpina – Thank You all for choosing to bring some of your finite advertising budget to Perpetuelle and our audience of watch owners, collectors & enthusiasts.   By the way — if any of you Perpetuelle readers haven’t yet entered Frederique Constant’s contest for an all-expenses trip paid to Geneve, you should enter now (winner chosen on April 30th)!

Clerc Geneve

Xetum Watches

The CGA Company

“Watches That Stand the Test of Time”

Authorized dealer for:  Lum-Tec, Luminox, Kennett, ArmourLite, Caliber, Volta Winders and more

Alpina Geneve

 Frederique Constant Geneve

Lastly, please know that anytime one of the Editors here (myself included) writes an article about or feature a watch from one of the above mentioned sponsors, this is clearly noted at the bottom of the article.

  • goju1

    Thanks for the tip on the competition. If I win then I’ll be sure to send you a postcard!