Seiko Signs Novak Djokovic as Ambassador (Video)

Bye-bye Audemars Piguet…Hello Seiko!  Seiko logo tagline

Seiko CEO and New Ambassador Novak Djokovic

On January 10, on the eve of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Seiko announced a new partnership with tennis superstar Novak Djokovic.   Shinji Hattori, President of Seiko Watch Corporation, was in attendance to personally announce the agreement.  As a symbol of the “global three year partnership” Hattori presented Novak with a Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch, a watch that, using only the power of light, connects to the GPS network; Novak will also be seen wearing other select Seiko watches throughout the year.

Here is a 20 second excerpt from the press conference:

This is obviously high profile move for Seiko and I think a big win for the brand.  Elite athlete ambassadorships such as this are often done with elite watch brands (think Richard Mille ambassador Rafael Nadal and his $650k watch); of course Novak Djokovic himself was an Audemars Piguet ambassador since 2011. Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

Seiko is of course one of the largest watch brands in the world.  However it is mostly known for its inexpensive quartz watches.  However Seiko does make some very impressive high end watches and has been an innovator in the industry for many decades.  Seiko invented the quartz watch in 1969 (putting much of the Swiss watch industry on the brink in the decade that followed), the kinetic watch in 1988, and just two years ago the Astron GPS Solar.

Seiko will also help support and promote the Novak Djokovic Foundation throughout the world.  Seiko even went so far as to create an accessibly priced watch collection for young people that will carry the Foundation name and message; these watches will be sold under our LORUS brand name and will be available in markets worldwide from September 2014 onwards.

Congrats to all involved and best wishes on the partnership.