Participate: LGI Network Ultra-High End Timepiece Collector Survey

The fine watch industry’s leading market research company, LGI Network (see Who is LGI?, below)– is launching the first-ever in-depth survey of luxury timepiece collectors.  If you would like to participate visit: the LGI Survey Enrollment page, or click the logo below:

If you qualify as a participant (i.e. you are a high end collector), you will be able to voice your opinions to brands and the broader collector community about your perspectives related to high end watch collecting.  And in appreciation for your time in doing the survey (which will take about 15 minutes), you will be entitled to receive a confidential copy of the survey results.

Feedback from all respondents will be kept confidential & anonymous.

Whether your passions lay with specific brands or with particular complications, the survey results will provide insight into thoughts and practices of an extensive community of aficionados like yourself.  In addition, the results will include unfiltered feedback on brand reputations, purchasing and trade-in practices, pricing, and lots of other information central to leading collecting practices.

To be a part of this comprehensive and interesting survey effort, visit:

Lastly, I want to note that, other than a copy of the survey results, Perpetuelle is not in any way compensated or otherwise affiliated with LGI for this effort.

Who Is LGI Network?

If you are not familiar with LGI Network, the company is basically a market intelligence/market research outfit.  LGI receives point-of-sale data from over 8,000 store-fronts on a monthly basis, and they work with the CEO’s of most of the leading luxury watch brands and who commonly rely on LGI’s information.  They also work with/advise the majority of leading watch retailers across the U.S.