North American Institute of Watchmaking (IOSW)

There was a surprising amount of interest in my previous post highlighting the Nicolas G. Hayek School of Watchmaking in Miami, FL!  I also heard from many of you that, despite your interest in becoming a watchmaker, Miami is geographically not feasible.  So in my effort to help bring more talented watchmakers to the world :-), let me highlight another option here in the good ole’ U.S.A. — the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (NAIOSW):

Located in Ft. Worth, Texas, the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking was founded in 2009 for the purpose of educating and training successful watchmakers.  The NAIOSW is part of The Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (IOSW), founded in 2008 in partnership with Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP), an independent institution based in Switzerland and recognized as an exemplary training center in the field of watchmaking.

WOSTEP partners with watchmaking schools throughout the world to ensure high training standards and quality education in accordance with the demanding criteria of the Swiss fine watchmaking industry.  The WOSTEP certificate is internationally recognized and provides a base for excellent employment opportunities.

A Classroom at the North American Institute of Watchmaking

Because the NAIOSW is a WOSTEP partner school, you can be confident in receiving a world-class watchmaking education.   The NAIOSW offers two courses:  the Certified Watchmaking Course (3,000-Hour WOSTEP Program) and a Encasing Technician Course (640 hours of training over four months).  Like the Hayek School in Miami, class size for the NAIOSW is very limited:  The Certified Watchmaking Course enrolls 6-8 individuals per class.    The next 3,000 hour WOSTEP Certified Watchmkaing course begins September 2013 and ends August 2015.  The next Encasing course begins May 2013.

Though helpful, no prior experience required.  The tuition, fees, tools, and other necessary supplies are all sponsored (i.e. “paid for”) by major watch brands.   For example, Vacheron Constantin is sponsoring the current class (graduating 2014).

Interested?  I encourage you to learn more at  As I said before — the world can never have enough talented watchmakers!

Non-US readers may also check out the Hong Kong (HKIOSW) school or the Shanghai (CNIOSW) school.

Do tools make you drool?  Check out the NAIOSW today!

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