Most Popular Watches of 2012

Your 110% Unscientific Year-in-Review…

As I have done in prior years, a casual look at some of our articles that “went viral” during the year.  All in good fun people!  (those of you TV dinner eaters gettin’ bent out of shape in the comments — may I recommend you ring in the New Year with a bottle of Krug1996 Clos d’Ambonnay, it will surely brighten your spirits.)

I wish a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2013 to you all!

The Most Popular Watches on Perpetuelle During 2012

WINNER:  The Rolex Deepsea Challenge

click here to see our full reportage on the Deepsea Challenge

picture:  Explorer James Cameron after successful voyage to deepest known point in the ocean

2. Olympic Sprinter Yohan Blake’s Richard Mille Watch

3. PGA Tour Golfer Bubba Watson’s Richard Mille Watch

4. Panerai PAM 422 Luminor Marina

5. Panerai PAM 448 and 449



1996 Clos d’Ambonnay

  • Ron Willemsen

    So a top 5 with watches a normal person can’t afford.

    I can’t .. that’s for sure.

    But if I must choose one of the watches above, than it would be the Panerai (nr. 4).

    • Perpetuelle

      @facebook-100003178983906:disqus Hi Ron — yes you are correct, most prices are out of touch of most, I am with you there. But keep in mind these is a highly unscientific popularity contest based on general pageview figures — much of what accounts for the popularity of these watches was their attachment to a famous event or athlete! The Rolex Deepsea is not even produced for sale!

      Happy New Year to you.

      • Ron Willemsen

        @ Kyle

        Thanks for the reply, and the explanation 😉

        Also to you …. a happy new year.

  • TVDinner

    Lists like this are almost always completely silly and pointless. Watches of the super rich or models that are not even made for public purchase. How about doing a real list with real watches that have been hot in 2012 – like online sensations Halios Puck or Bochett Cave Dweller that created tremendeous buzzes on multiple well known and super busy watch forums. Or pick a mainstream model from one of the bigger companies that really was popular and created a lot of buzz with the NORMAL buying public. That would be a blog post on this site that would actually be worth reading……

    • Perpetuelle

      Halios? Bochett? Never heard of ’em. Perpetuelle caters to those who appreciate the latest and greatest LUXURY and AVANTE-GARDE timepieces. I think you are on the wrong site, bud.

      • TVDinner

        Now that is funny and explains the low Alexa ranking this site has. I fully understand what this site claims to be and promote. The point was your list above is not even the top in Luxury for 2012. Maybe ultra limited super rich models, but not “luxury” for the majority of the population. Been to a good store lately and actually talked to their experts? I bet not. Most of your info probably comes from copied info from TimeZone. Head to a store or even a Tourneau and maybe you will learn what was really “popular” in 2012 for “luxury” brands that MOST/ALL of your readers actual purchase.

        And finally on the brands I mentioned, the point was not the brands, but the fact that you are showing how uninformed you are. I’ll agree those brands are not “luxury” but you still missed the point of what could have been an interesting blog post.

        • Perpetuelle

          Man, you are from the netherworlds of the net aren’t you? No doubt a Watch Freek. Chill out dude — the list isn’t about the top in Luxury for ’12 — its’ about the most popular watches on this site for the year. Now go back to your piddly forum — you are way out of your league here.

          ps — Alexa? Guess that answers this question:

          • TVDinner

            Now that is funny. I have read that link also and you have shown you can do a Google search, lol. “Piddy Forum” is funny (and does anyone actually use the word “piddy”??). This site would crash if you had the same traffic. I’m done. Thanks for playing and not deleting the posts.

          • Perpetuelle

            sorry dude — your gone! gave you a tribute up top, though.

        • Perpetuelle

          pps – TimeZone? dude get out of the ’90s. are they still around.

  • Moo

    Excellent list!

    • Perpetuelle

      Thanks glad you enjoyed it. Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year wishes to you.

  • Donald Evans

    Really? So this is a list based on your articles page views…..and not a list of the actual most popular watches of 2012? Just absolute nonsense. Im not bashing, but I thought I was going to see a real list of the popular watches of this past year, not just more advertising for the sponsors of this site.

    • Perpetuelle

      LOL I hate to be the first to break it to you, but “most popular” is a subjective term. So when you find the “real list” please let me know :-)
      BTW none of those brands are sponsors of this site.