Infographic: Evolution of the Luxury Watch

This interesting infographic was put together by The Watch Gallery which is based in the UK.    The challenge with timelines such as these is what to include and what not to include (a lot has happened in watchmaking over the last couple hundred years!).  I immediately noticed some notable brands and innovations that were missing — Vacheron Constantin (1755), Breguet, and the invention of the tourbillon (patented 1801) for example.  So yes, it is a bit selective, but still some interesting history is reflected.


Evolution of the Luxury Watch

  • Kylin

    Very interesting ,You can add other content

  • Xenomorph Predator

    Fascinating information!

  • Outta Time

    Missing some key info, but a good overview. It is significant to remember that a lot of these companies have not been in constant production, and have gone extinct and were brought back.

    • Perpetuelle

      @outta_time:disqus Right — that’s another good point!

  • superbrat

    Sorry to say this but this is a very inaccurate infographic missing some key info and adding other misleading info. Just as an example: Vacheron Constantin is missing (!!!) and Blancpain is first while we know that the Blancpain that we know just purchased rights for the brand name in the 1980s. The idea was good but who made does not really know the market. Very disappointed.