Has Tag Heuer Lost Its Mind?

“You have got to be kidding me.”  These were my first words upon seeing a couple of the items in Tag Heuer’s new accessory e-boutique.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me?  Has TAG Heuer lost its mind?  Or is TAG Heuer just trying to insult our intelligence.  Let me list the absurdities:

  • 8 GB usb storage keychain fob – $360!!!!!!
  • 30 GB usb storage – “avant gard credit card size” – $700!!!!!!

And let me then add:

  • The belief that your watch brand can sell anything at any price?  Priceless.

See for yourself at http://www.tagheuereboutique.com/.  No one in their right mind would pay such money for items like this that will a) be completed outdated in about 6 months (if you are lucky), and b) can be had for a fraction of the cost today – literally (see below).   

This is reall too bad, because there are actually some cool items in Tag’s eboutique – for example a nice Heur Monaco leather jacket, which oddly enough can be had for about the same price as the USB memory card ($700).  Too bad TAG Heuer has completely ruined the perception of value of all the good items in its store by pricing these “IT devices” like they are the last bits and bytes of memory on Earth.

I guess the bigger question is, why does Tag Heuer keep trying to extend its brand into areas that it obviously has NO CLUE as to what it is doing and what the key drivers of value are? 

8 gigabyte “Tag Heuer” branded USB stick

Yours for only $360.00!!

tag heuer 8gb usb keychain fob

I’m sure it is soooo much more functional than this 8gb flash stick offered by Sandisk – $19:

sandisk 8gb

30 gigabyte “Tag Heuer” branded USB card

Yours for $700.00 – what a steal!


If I were TAG Heuer I would quickly drop a ‘0’ off the end of those prices and say that it was just a typo.

  • James


  • http://www.monochrome.nl Frank

    No way… they really lost it.

  • Jason

    Apparently so.

  • http://ialreadyhaveawatch.com Rrryan

    The Reverse Mont Blanc strategy of marketing luxury goods. Brilliant.

    It was proabbly foolish to think they were going to stop at cell phones. Next up: blenders?

  • http://amateureconblog.blogspot.com/ Speedmaster

    I’m embarrassed for them. 😉

  • Brad Nelson

    Awesome watches….I own 3. But, yes, they should just stick to what they have been doing since 1860, and dispense with the LVMH attitude of taking peoples money. Our society’s perception is that owning a Tag or a Rolex, etc. is a status symbol. That may be true, or it may not. I know millionaires who wear Casio’s. Any other products Tag is putting out right now are just pick pocketing those people who just can’t stop spending their money.