Frederique Constant “Smart Buy”

“Modern luxury culture fueled by commercialism seems to advocate purchases of luxury items at very high prices. Some people seem to focus only on how expensive an item is instead of focusing on its value. This unfortunate practice has eroded the true traditions of luxury where price was ultimately the function of the intrinsic value and quality of the item being purchased.”

Wow — well said.  These words were recently written on the blog of Peter Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant and Alpina.    His full writing, called “Frederique Constant “Smart Buy“” made a lot of sense to me.  I see so many watches these days where the price tag is sky high yet and I fail to see any true “value” in the item.  It happens all the time.  Brands known as “luxury” seem to take their success for granted.  They stop selling valuable luxuries and instead just sell crap (relatively speaking) on the basis that their “brand name” can carry the day.   I’m not going to get into naming names, and I make no remarks here in comparison to Frederique Constant — but I think Peter Stas’s big picture is the right one — luxury watch brands must deliver value to the consumer rather than trying to push out outrageously priced watches to sell “just because” they are expensive.  Of course Stas has a horse in the race (Frederique Constant/Alpina), but I think his words are worth reading and then you can decide for yourself if he has a point or not — click through for “Frederique Constant “Smart Buy”” by Peter Stas.

Frederique Constant Automatic Runabout

  • Qing Ye
  • goju1

    I’ll name names! Hublot seems to be focusing more on the outlandish than true horology. Even their Unico movement is pretty ordinary with regards to horological crafting and finishing. 

  • Stephen

    This comment is so true and actually can refer not only to watches but other types of products which are available in today’s market