Dear Perrelet…

Please stop with watches like these.  I am quickly losing respect for your brand.  Has the “Inventor of the Automatic Watch” lost its way?  Or is it just me that finds these Turbine watches so distasteful?

Perrelet Turbine XL “Hentai”

Perrelet XL “America”

  • Anthony

    Agreed. How can one of the best makers of a moonphase put out that 4th of July junk? Glad you’re just “losing” respect. I think I already moved on.

  • Dan

    The original turbine watches were great. This is them milking the design a little too much. That’s a trend in the industry now though isn’t it? I mean, you have the Royal Oak or some of the Bell and Ross models where the ridiculous special editions never stop.

  • Mary

    Hentai Erotic is actually embarrassing. I was really surprised to see Ariel Adams giving kudos to Perrelet for being playful. The “social hubs” of watch community should at least try to employ some critical thinking.

  • Joe

    Agree. This is nasty!

  • SwissWatchAuthority

    And you can also read this… That company is going to hell they are a bunch of idiots!

    • Perpetuelle

      @twitter-469355126:disqus Hi guys thanks for dropping in.  will keep an eye on your new  blog.  best wishes!
      Kyle, Editor

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