Breaking News from JCK: Tag Launches Online Customer Service Platform

Now here’s some news from JCK I am pleasantly surprised to see!  Tag Heuer announced today at the JCK Las Vegas Trade Show it is launching a new and comprehensive online customer service website.  Available at the new customer care website is intended to offer an improved level of customer service to both Tag Heuer’s retail partners and customers.  While some of the new web pages seem to be informational in nature (“advice on your timepiece” “glossary” and “how the service process works”), Tag states that there is a password-protected section of the website devoted to communicating with Tag’s Authorized Dealers and customers as to the status of watch repairs.  Users can reportedly see the work flow of a service order from the time the piece arrives at Tag Heuer’s Springfield, NJ service center to the time when it is shipped back.  Repair estimates can also be viewed/approved online, and even paid for via PayPal.

This new effort by Tag Heuer appears to be the first of its kind, and I applaud Tag Heuer for not only bringing a greater level of transparency to its customer service efforts, but also for leveraging the power of the Internet.  While it is clear to me that many brands are still tip-toeing their way around the Internet these days and not entirely sure what/when/where/how to embrace it, Tag Heuer seems to be on the leading edge. You may recall that in late 2008 Tag Heuer was the first major brand to authorize online sales (as we coverge and opined here), and even though their execution in this area is a bit lacking, it is still nice to see one of the best selling brands in the World taking a leadership position when it comes to embracing the power of the Internet both from a commerce and a customer service angle.

This weekend, I’ll be spending some more time clicking around Tag Heuer’s new online Customer Service website to learn more about it.  But for now, two thumbs up to Tag Heuer!